Here To Ignite
Inauguration of President Vanessa B. Beasley will light the way for Trinity University’s future

Sparks are alight at Trinity University.

These are good sparks: those that prompt discovery and inspiration, those that invite curiosity and creativity, and those that foster compassion and community. 

These sparks are a sign that life at Trinity is moving fast. This February, we’re inaugurating our 20th president, Vanessa B. Beasley, Ph.D., who is here to lead us confidently and courageously into a new era. Trinity University continues to shine in the national rankings, build an increasingly connected and interactive community of alumni and supporters, and provide students with opportunities to act on their passions across an impossibly diverse and interconnected series of career fields and opportunities.

And these sparks are also a beacon for Trinity’s enduring values, still energizing a University that has become a dynamic force in motion—a place where students and faculty alike can redefine the liberal arts in a way that bridges barriers, imbues career pathways with action and purpose, and ignites imaginations. At Trinity, we are committed to enduring excellence, which lets us thrive in a changing world; intentional inclusion, which connects and builds without leaving any driven mind behind; and perpetual discovery, which impels and empowers a lifelong curiosity for new knowledge and the chances to act on that knowledge.

Beasley takes over the reins of a university that is home to more than 2,500 students and rooted in the liberal arts and sciences and pre-professional programs. She will continue to place the experiences of those students at the core of Trinity’s priorities, which in and of itself is a major driving factor in the reason Trinity University is recognized nationally as a leader in a 21st century liberal arts education.

Beasley’s Trinity tenure began in August 2022 after a successful run at Vanderbilt University as vice provost for academic affairs, dean of residential faculty, and an associate professor of communication studies, impacting the residential and experiential facets of college life that make these formative years special for undergraduates and faculty alike. And in a perfect fit for the burgeoning international and multicultural hub of San Antonio, Beasley’s academic expertise in political rhetoric (especially on immigration) and media and politics lends her a distinct voice that will continue to lift Trinity as a thought leader and trend setter in our community, in Texas, and beyond.

Trinity University will celebrate Beasley’s arrival, as well as our enduring values, through a series of events from Tuesday, Feb. 7, through Saturday, Feb. 11, culminating in her investiture. 

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See how you can engage with our community—and join us in acting on Trinity’s values through the schedule of events below. Just one spark can ignite an imagination. See what happens when one spark becomes many:

Service Ignited

Tuesday, Feb. 7
Represent the University and make a positive impact in the San Antonio community in honor of our 20th president by participating in service projects on and off campus.

Pathways Ignited

Wednesday, Feb. 8
Trinity faculty and students highlight the roles of academic imagination through a panel discussion, with a reception following.

Harmony Ignited

Friday, Feb. 10
Let music ignite your soul! The inaugural concert shows how imagination brings music to life. An all-campus reception immediately follows the concert.

Imagination Ignited

Saturday, Feb. 11
Celebrate the installation of President Vanessa B. Beasley, Ph.D., as Trinity University’s 20th president. Ignite your imagination with the Trinity community and friends of the University during this formal academic ceremony in which President Beasley will be conferred with the authority of the office.

Jeremiah Gerlach is the brand journalist for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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