Life Beyond the Book
TU Press director dedicated to telling San Antonio and Central Texas Stories

Trinity University Press is committed to an evolving agenda of work that engages, questions, and brings people together, locally and globally. While reading is naturally a personal experience, what we read explores shared experiences, common needs, universal questions, and timely debates. We are dedicated to our books having a life beyond their pages, especially when they are the reason we come together to celebrate, share ideas, and fi nd solutions as a community. 

A vital centerpiece of this endeavor for us is our publishing and event partnerships. We treasure these alliances, which amplify the community-focused work we all do—highlighted by our recent collaborations with Texas Public Radio to create a book version of their live storytelling series/podcast Worth Repeating and with the Witte Museum to distribute the book showcasing the internationally renowned photography of Al Rendón. We are proud to have partnered over the years with dozens of local organizations, including the San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum, the Brackenridge Park Conservancy, the Westside Preservation Alliance, the San Antonio Museum of Art, and the San Antonio Public Library Foundation. 

When we come together because of these books, the result is substantive and also a bit magical! They spark intimate conversations, brainstorms that lead to new community projects, and ideas to address shared challenges. We are honored to help elevate the San Antonio and South Central Texas story to a world stage, and we appreciate our partners and the work they do with us to help make that happen: true cultural symbiosis.

Tom Payton is the director for Trinity University Press, a mission-driven publisher committed to civic engagement with timely ideas facilitated. 

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