a collage of the book covers of the TU Press Selections for Winter 2023
Trinity University Press: Winter 2023 Selections
TU Press presents 11 of its recent publications

As you plan your holiday reading, don't miss these 11 recent publications from Trinity University Press. Find more information on these books and more on TU Press' website.


Iceland Summer: Travels along the Ring Road 

by Kurt Caswell 

illustrated by Julia Oldham 

Caswell recounts his journey through Iceland by foot and by bus with his lifelong friend Scott, as the pair set out from Reykjavík and traveled clockwise along Ring Road. 


Worth Repeating: San Antonio Stories

edited by Paul Flahive, Tori Pool, and Burgin Streetman 

From last chances to first tries, all 40 of these true personal San Antonio narratives have been collected from Texas Public Radio’s live storytelling series, Worth Repeating.



Mossback: Ecology, Emancipation, and Foraging for Hope in Painful Places 

David Micheal Pritchett 

Pritchett explores landscapes and mythologies at the intersection of environmental, indigenous, and social justice. 



Life in the Tar Seeps: A Spiraling Ecology from a Dying Sea 

Gretchen Ernster Henderson 

Finding an intricate web of life in the tar seeps of the Great Salt Lake, this book offers a meditation on environmental healing through an ecologically challenging place. 



At the End of the World: Notes on a 1941 Murder Rampage in the Arctic and the Threat of Religious Extremism, Loss of Indigenous Culture, and Danger of Digital Life 

Lawrence Millman 

This book explores indigenous trauma, climate change, and digital culture in the shadow of a series of Inuit murders in Canada in 1941.


(Don’t) Stop Me if You’ve Heard This Before and Other Essays on Writing Fiction 

Peter Turchi 

University of Houston creative writing professor and author Turchi combines personal narratives and close readings to reveal the storytelling techniques writers use to create fiction that matters. 


Bushwhacking: How to Get Lost in the Woods and Write Your Way Out 

Jennifer McGaha 

Part writing memoir, part nature memoir, and part meditation on a life well lived, this book is filled with essays that link forays into the wilderness to aspects of the creative process. 


Syntax of the River: The Pattern Which Connects

Barry Lopez and Julia Martin 

This book shares a three-day conversation with writer Barry Lopez reflecting on writing as a craft, a way of living, and a youth spent watching the McKenzie River. 



From Here to the Horizon: Photographs in Honor of Barry Lopez 

edited by Toby Jurovics, contributions by Debra Gwartney and Robert Macfarlane 

Contemporary photographers pay tribute to the life and work of the late, renowned nature writer Barry Lopez. 


Mi Cultura: Bringing Shadow into Light 

Al Rendón 

Mi Cultura contains a stunning collection of photography of Tejano life, from Selena to Uvalde, spanning five decades. 



Mexico City 

Alejandro Rosas 

This playfully illustrated history of Mexico City from 1521 to current day highlights the complex cultural and economic forces that shaped this international metropolis.


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