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Meet the Ventures Participating in the 2021 Stumberg Competition
Ten teams gather to compete in the seed round for a chance to win $5,000 and a spot in the finals
Friday, March 26, 2021

This year, 10 teams have begun the process of competing for a chance to win mentorship and funding for their startup at the Louis H. Stumberg Venture Competition. Teams will compete in the Seed Round virtually on Monday, April 19 at 6 p.m. through Tiger Network. The Stumberg Competition honors the legacy of the late San Antonio businessman and civic leader Louis H. Stumberg.

In this first stage, the top five teams will be selected to win $5,000 in seed funding for their venture and an opportunity to participate in the Accelerator program before coming back in the fall to compete in the Stumberg Competition finals in October, with a $25,000 grand prize at stake.

The Stumberg competition, now in its seventh year, has awarded $325,000 total to student startups. There have been 33 startups founded through this competition, with 23 still active. Past Stumberg startups have included companies such as Coldeclara, Quick Sip Coffee, Storyspread, Sapphire, RADD, and PATCH.

Here is the lineup of the next round of entrepreneurs grasping for greatness:


AllFor1 is a social networking platform intended for environmentally conscious individuals. The platform allows for both individuals and real environmental organizations to openly communicate and interact with each other without any social barriers using live text channels, live video calls, live voice calls, screen sharing, user transparency, and open access to thousands of willing environmentalists.

Team Members: Brenden Shue ‘21 and Yelizaveta Vetyuhova ’21


Commuv aims to make traffic stops simpler and safer. The startup's software connects police officers and drivers through short-range technology and mobile applications, reducing the need for direct contact during traffic stops.

Team Members: Jalen White ‘23 and Michael Marquez ‘22


Ecospace is a one-stop shop where customers can find eco-friendly products and experience a community of like-minded people. Ecospace’s goal is to create a space where people can find forums, lifestyle workshops, and tutorials to foster an eco-friendly lifestyle, eventually allowing customers to engage and learn about the topic of climate change. 

Team Members: Erika Jones ‘24 and Lucy Orosco ‘24


MicroLev exists to provide the most accurate and cost-effective aerosol research technology for scientists while seeking a more sustainable future. This optical equipment company serves to improve the understanding of the critical roles that aerosols play in our everyday lives by providing accurate and more innovative aerosol research instruments using their technology to levitate single droplets in a contactless environment.

Team Members: Josefina Hajek-Herrera ‘22, chemistry professor Ryan Davis, and Bene Snyder ‘22

Neram Textile Recycling 

Neram is a streetwear clothing label focused on creating garments that utilize existing discarded textiles from landfills and dead stock outlets, products that never make it into the hands of customers, via recycling manufacturing technology. The brand is focused on the fast paced and artistic nature of the fashion industry by incorporating a zero waste recycled production style.

Team Members: Maren Merwarth ‘22

New Works SA

New Works SA provides the San Antonio community the ability to create fun, accessible, original theater productions that enrich and reflect contemporary culture. New Works SA offers classes and performance opportunities to create and engage with brand new theatrical productions, while giving aspiring creators the opportunity to learn and create simultaneously.

Team Members: Scarlett Patiño ‘23, Wren Ramos ‘23, and Anthony Tresca ‘22

Notch Esports Suppliers

Notch Esports Suppliers is a subscription-based service that builds and supplies high
schools and colleges with updated gaming computers and the necessary equipment for
schools to start and maintain an esports program. Subscription bundles include providing computers, monitors, peripherals, and any other products that are tailored for a school’s individual needs with affordable and unique pricing models.

Team Members: George Wiggam ‘22


PartySafe is an application that connects event attendees with hosts or local security to create an interconnected safe partying experience. The app will utilize the widget functionality on smartphones and smart watches so that users can get help or assistance with minimal effort and as quickly as possible.

Team Members: Ian Mann ‘22, Christina Avila ‘22, and Morgan Cartwright ‘22

Ventura, LLC

Ventura is a tech-based company that makes U.S. politics and official information transparent and easy to understand by providing unbiased, simplified information through real-time updates
on current legislative and government decisions.

Team Members: Nathaniel Castillo Rodriguez ‘22 and Francisco Macias ‘20


WakeScoot aims to add nuance to water sports by allowing for new tricks and a unique experience on a boat. Using a new kind of lightweight water scooter, WakeScoot creates more enjoyment for beginners as well as experienced water sport enthusiasts by adding variability, functionality, and options for exploration to a dynamic field of athletic entertainment.

Team Members: Ryan Arnold ‘24, Carson Byrd ‘24, AJ Townsend ‘24, and Cannon Starcke ‘24


Sydney Rhodes '23 helped tell Trinity's story as a writing intern for Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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