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Trinity Named Top College by Princeton Review
University ranked in top 13 percent of four-year colleges in the nation
Sunday, May 3, 2020

Trinity University has been listed as one of the nation’s best institutions for undergraduate education, according to the Princeton Review in its annual college guide for 2020, The Best 385 Colleges

Trinity also made several other lists in the Princeton Review’s annual rankings, including Best Western, Best Value, Best Science Lab Facilities, and Colleges That Create Futures. 

“The schools featured in The Best 385 Colleges—our picks of the cream of the crop colleges and universities—comprise only the top 13 percent of all four-year colleges in the nation,” the Princeton Review’s website explains.

The Princeton Review stated, “We believe all 385 schools in the book are academically outstanding. But we don't think academics should be the exclusive reason for choosing a school—and in most cases, it isn't.” In addition to the consideration of academic prestige, other crucial factors, such as location, cost, size, and campus culture, were all important aspects in Princeton Review’s inclusion of the University on their list. Other factors taken into consideration were admissions selectivity, financial aid, safety, quality of life, professor interest, and professor accessibility. 

The Princeton Review’s rankings are unique in that the universities listed aren’t ranked numerically—and for good reason. “The fact is no one school is, in all subjects, for all majors, for all students, the academically best in the nation,” its website explains. “It's not which school is best academically (there's no such thing) but which school is best for you that's important. These are all very different schools with different and wonderful things to offer." 

The ranking lists in The Best 385 Colleges are based on surveys of more than 140,000 students, averaging 364 students per school. 


    Kale Ridge '21 helped tell Trinity's story as an intern with the University communications team.

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