A field of grass and trees purchased by the university.
Trinity Purchases 9.2 Acres of "Oblate Property" for Future
University has no immediate development plans for 9.2 acres, acquisition called a "generational" purchase

Trinity University has purchased a 9.2-acre tract of land adjacent to campus at the southwest corner of Shook Avenue and E. Kings Highway. Previously owned by the Oblate Title Holding Company, the largely undeveloped property offers a significant expansion to the 117-acre Trinity campus.

The University has no immediate plans for development and approached the acquisition of the property as an investment for future opportunities. "This is a generational purchase for long-term strategic use," Trinity President Danny Anderson said. "The value of the property lies in its adjacency to the Trinity campus and the possibilities it holds for future generations."

"Any future development Trinity University undertakes with the property will be done with the awareness of the environmental, historical, and residential context of the site," Anderson said. The property has three karst features – small caves – which are possibly inhabited by an endangered species of spiders known as the Robber Baron Cave mesh weaver. Trinity plans to continue to monitor the features as part of its stewardship of the property.

As part of its due diligence toward the purchase, University officials met with the Monte Vista Historical Association board and sought its endorsement. The "Oblate Property" is within the boundaries of Monte Vista. "The addition of this property to our campus will be positive for Trinity and for Monte Vista," Anderson said.

In addition to environmental monitoring, the University initially will clean up brush piles and other debris, address safety issues related to the existing stone wall, secure the perimeter of the property, and explore the possible uses for an existing building on the site known as the Sexton House.

The acquisition of the "Oblate Property" provides opportunities for future generations as Trinity University continues its mission of educational excellence, prestige, and talent attraction for San Antonio, and leadership in twenty-first century liberal arts and sciences education.

Sharon Jones Schweitzer '75 helps tell Trinity's story as a contributor to the University communications team.

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