Claire Siewert receives their award from President Beasley and Provost Mustain.
Trinity Recognizes Honor Awards Recipients
University gives awards to outstanding students in every department

On Saturday, March 25, Trinity recognized more than 100 students for their academic excellence at the Honor Awards Convocation in Margarite B. Parker Chapel. The University honored students who have brought distinction to themselves and to Trinity through their academic achievements.

Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Honors

Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants Accounting Excellence Award

Given to an outstanding accounting student in the Master of Science in Accounting program, with selection based on undergraduate and graduate academic records, high moral character, and high potential for a successful career in accounting

Rebekah Marie Schwab ’23

Excellence in Art

For a major who displays ongoing evidence of outstanding achievement in the production of studio artwork

Ruby Walker ’23

Frances K. Hendricks Fine Arts Award

Given by the Spurs sorority to a student whose achievements in the fine arts have been recognized unanimously as most distinguished by the chairs of the Departments of Art and Art History, Human Communication and Theatre, and Music

Tamara Krystal Ekstrand ’23

Outstanding Senior in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Jointly offered by the Departments of Biology and Chemistry to an outstanding senior in the biochemistry and molecular biology major

Anabelle Marie Conde ’23

Dr. Wilfrid Hahn and Family Biochemistry Scholarship 

The Dr. J. Wilfrid Hahn Scholarship celebrates and preserves the legacy of Renaissance man Dr. J. Wilfrid Hahn, through a generous endowment established by Dr. Hahn’s son Gregory and his wife, Heda Elmendorf Hahn. The scholarship recognizes academic excellence and engagement in a junior biochemistry and molecular biology major.

Grace Anderson ’24

Outstanding Senior in Biology 

Based on academic achievement, potential for research in biology or the biomedical sciences, and overall contributions made to the University and the Department of Biology

Elyshia Q. Danaher ’23

John “J.D.” Doran ’23

Jacob Uhrich Scholarship

Established by an endowment made in honor of Dr. Jacob Uhrich, a former faculty member in the Department of Biology, providing financial assistance to accomplished biology majors with demonstrated financial need

Brittany Michelle Barre ’24

Julie Li Bondy ’23

Carolina Herrera-Favela ’24

Nicholas Layne Stefek ’23

D. Harold Byrd Academic Achievement Award

A scholarship presented to a student with junior standing who has declared a major in business administration, with a concentration in marketing, and who, through their academic performance (both overall and in the marketing area), has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and strong potential for continued success at the senior level

Danny Tan Nguyen ’24

Brooke Elizabeth Porter ’24

William Crews McGavock Award for Outstanding Research

Established in 1974 by chemistry alumni in honor of Professor William Crews McGavock, the award goes to the graduating chemistry senior(s) with the best overall record of academic excellence and achievement

Sarah Louise Chang ’23

Annabelle Marie Conde ’23

Outstanding Senior in Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Presented on the basis of outstanding performance in courses on ancient Mediterranean history or culture

Meg Elizabeth McDonald ’23

William Turner ’23

Outstanding Senior in the Study of Ancient Greek

Presented on the basis of outstanding performance in upper-division Greek language courses

Acacia Grace Oyler ’23

Outstanding Senior in the Study of Latin

Presented on the basis of outstanding performance in upper-division Latin language courses

Savannah Rose Wahlgren ’23

Classical Association of the Middle West and South Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Studies

The second most active professional organization for American classics after the Society for Classical Studies; this award is presented on the basis of excellent work in Classical Studies

Declan Gordon Hoch ’23

Outstanding Senior in Communication

Awarded to the senior communication major who has an exemplary overall GPA and has demonstrated to be an active media practitioner as well as academic achiever, substantially engaged in communication both in and out of the classroom

Mia Elise Hammond ’23

Charles Babbage-Ada Lovelace Computing Award

Presented in recognition of superior achievement in academic and community computer-related activities; named after the 19th-century team who developed the difference and analytic engines and are hence the pioneers of the modern era of computing

Gabriel Gavin Manners ’23

Matthew Kevin Menezes ’23

Jonathan Pascal Rotter ’23

Outstanding Junior Research Award

Not awarded every year, this honor is given to recognize that junior who has a particularly distinguished record of computer science research

Olivia Calloni Bangs ’24

Garrett Liam Greiner ’24

Logan Daniel Martinez ’24

Outstanding Senior Research Award

Not awarded every year, this honor is given to recognize that senior who has a particularly distinguished record of computer science research

Jonathan Pascal Rotter ’23

Walter Adams Prize for Excellence in Economics

To honor the past Vernon F. Taylor Distinguished Professor of Economics at Trinity by recognizing a graduating economics major who has achieved great distinction in scholarship and involvement in the life of the University community

William Elliott Hinson ’23

Kenny Edwin Nelson ’23

Joe C. Ashby Achievement Award for Outstanding Junior

To recognize the junior economics major with the best combined record of academic credentials, service, and the broad intellectual perspective for which Professor Ashby was noted 

Gillian Grace Huston ’24

Omicron Delta Epsilon Award for Outstanding Senior

To honor senior majors in economics for academic achievement and significant contributions to the economics program

Tharun Anandha Kumar ’23

Maria Andrea Tamez Villarreal ’23

Roger Spencer Scholarship in Economics

This scholarship was endowed by Roger and Susan Spencer. Dr. Roger Spencer was the Dean of Business and Administrative Studies at Trinity University from 1980 to 1985. He served as the Vernon F. Taylor Professor of Economics until his retirement in 2021. The Spencers established the scholarship to honor a first-generation student or a student qualified for need-based aid who has excelled in the study of economics.

Alejandra Caballero Pinedo ’24

Will Arthur Russell ’24

Gela Grote West School Psychology Award

Presented to a third-year school psychology graduate who excels in the area of psychological assessment as well as mastery of theory and application

Camie Renee Albright ’24

Meikala N. Hester ’24

Hailey Nicole Klenk ’24

Molly Nicole Pierce ’24

Outstanding Senior in Education

For providing exemplary participation via course participation, departmental participation and contributions, and university and San Antonio community participation

Araceli Gonzalez ’23

Leah Elizabeth Marsh ’23

Margaret Jean Abernathy Scholarship

Established by her family to support outstanding sophomores in engineering science based on academic achievement

Cora Lewis ’25

Bich-Ly Nguyen ’25

Engineering Science Academic Excellence Award

Given to seniors demonstrating outstanding academic performance and eligible to graduate with honors

Edward E. Armitage ’23

Joshua Charles Geer ’23

Aislinn Lane Marcee ’23

Joshua N. Sharpe ’23

Engineering Science Faculty Professional Promise Award

Given in recognition of outstanding potential for professional success as evidenced by exceptional academic performance in engineering studies and strong leadership in extracurricular activities; recipients must have senior status and have demonstrated leadership qualities, involvement in extracurricular activities, and high academic performance

Andrea Cristina Cruz ’23

Andrew Scott Gray ’23

Miranda Eve Mittleman ’23

Coleen Grissom English Honor Award

Awarded to a senior majoring in English who has demonstrated exceptional ability in the study of English language literature

Claire Louise Siewert ’22

June Cook Scholarship

Awarded to a student in the junior or senior class who is majoring in English or communication and who has demonstrated exceptional creative writing skills

Dean Henry Zach ’24

Outstanding Senior in Finance

Awarded to a senior majoring in finance who has demonstrated exceptional academic achievement

Tharun Anandha Kumar ’23

Outstanding Senior in Business Analytics and Technology

Awarded to a senior majoring in business analytics and technology who has demonstrated exceptional academic achievement

Caden Young ’23

Edwin E. Eckert Scholarship in Geology

Awarded to a geosciences major for academic achievement in the discipline

George Marshall Bradley ’23

Audrey Madison Davis ’24

Audrey Marie Jennings ’24

Edward C. Roy Outstanding Research in Geosciences Award

Awarded to a geosciences major for outstanding achievement or promise in undergraduate research

Nathaniel Stuart Ledbetter Ferrill ’23

Mark Griffin Furlong Nickels ’23

Edward C. Roy, Jr. Impact Award

Awarded to a geosciences major for their positive impact on the department

Logan Bailey Crews ’23

Joelle Elizabeth MacDonald ’23

Sidney Ann Strickland ’23

Robert Lowell Freed Scholarship for Excellence in the Study of Earth Materials

Awarded to a rising junior or senior geosciences major for outstanding performance in the study of mineralogy and petrology

Remi Miko Kurita ’24

Paige Ellen Langford ’24

Southwest Gem and Mineral Society Scholarship

Awarded to a geosciences major for academic potential in the discipline

Jude Randall Hardee ’25

Josephine Eylee Tesauro ’24

Outstanding Senior Student and Tinker Family Geosciences Award

Given for academic achievement in geology and service to the department and the University

Maia Rae Dykstra ’23

Tinker Family Geosciences Research Award

Given for academic achievement in geology and service to the department and the University

Audrey Madison Davis ’24

Global Latinx Studies Honor Award

Given to the student with the highest academic standing among their graduating class in the Global Latinx Studies Program

Araceli Gonzalez ’23

Donald E. Everett Award for Outstanding Student in History

Presented to a student who has not only performed exceedingly well in the classroom, but has also demonstrated a deep understanding of and appreciation for the discipline of history

Maeve Carolan Armand ’23

Frances Richter Swinny Outstanding Human Communication Major

Presented to a student who best exemplifies academic achievement, contributions to the field of Speech Communication, and involvement in related areas of University life

Audrey Margaret Herrera ’23

Outstanding Student in Theatre

Presented to a student who has achieved all-around excellence in drama

Emily Ruth Youngerman ’23

Forensic Director’s Recognition Award

Presented to a student who has achieved excellence in forensics

Katie Victoria Davis ’25

George N. Boyd Award for Outstanding Student in International Studies

Given to an outstanding major in international studies; named after a pioneering Trinity faculty member who enhanced awareness of international affairs on campus

Sol Chiara Rivas Lopes ’23

Outstanding Senior in Linguistics

For consistent outstanding performance in the interdisciplinary minor

Caroline Marie Wolff ’23

Junior Mathematics Award

Given to the junior whose performance and promise in mathematics are deemed the best by the mathematics faculty

Will Arthur Russell ’24

Junior Service Award

Given to the student who has contributed most to the achievement of the department’s goals by providing assistance with and leadership in the department’s activities

Michelle Kelone Lee ’24

Virginia Joiner Outstanding French Student

Awarded for superior academic achievement and positive character traits

Sol Chiara Rivas Lopes ’23

Virginia Joiner Outstanding Spanish Student

Awarded for superior academic achievement and positive character traits

Sabrina Estefany Cuauro Cuauro ’23

Carolyn Calvert Scholarship for Music Study Abroad

Awarded to a Music major who shows unusual talent and promise in music, and who submits a plan for summer or a semester of music study abroad 

Robert Takuji Furuya ’23

Deborah Pavelka Hanson Memorial Scholarship for Summer Music Study 

Established in 2013 by David D. Hanson ’90 and his family and the late Deborah Pavelka Hanson ’91, this is awarded to students who have completed their sophomore year and declared a major in the Department of Music; funds may be used for summer study in the U.S. or abroad.

Julissa Ramirez ’24

Outstanding Neuroscience Senior

Given in recognition of outstanding achievement in the combined areas of academics, research, and involvement in program events

Noah Fulcomer ’23

Hemlock Award for Best Philosophical Essay

Given to the winner of the Hemlock Award Competition for the best paper on a philosophical topic

Slaten James Ballard ’23

Wagner Prize

Given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Wagner who donated funds for the Wagner Physics Center; top score on the senior assessment exam in physics

Jonathan Pascal Rotter ’23

Outstanding Graduating Senior in Physics

Given for achievement in academics and physics research

Ryoma Matsuura ’23

Pi Sigma Alpha Outstanding Senior in Political Science

Presented by the political science honor society Pi Sigma Alpha, Xi Omicron Chapter, to recognize and honor the graduating senior majoring in political science whose academic achievement and public service best exemplifies the goals of Trinity and the Department of Political Science

Brandon Gene Niday ’22

Outstanding Senior in Psychology

Given in recognition of academic excellence, demonstrated research skills, and significant contributions to the Department of Psychology and Trinity University

Sabrina Estefany Cuauro Cuauro ’23

Grant Mitchell Kramer ’23

Ethel Evans Department of Religion Scholarship

Awarded for exemplary academic achievement and significant contribution to the religion major; established in 1978 through a bequest from Ethel Evans

Vex Maxwell ’24

Dr. Michael Kearl Award for Aspiring Sociologists

Awarded for outstanding achievements in sociology. This award is given in memory of Dr. Michael C. Kearl, who served as a member of our department for nearly 40 years; his family started the scholarship fund to continue his legacy of supporting aspiring sociologists.

Bansri K. Mardaniya ’23

C. Wright Mills Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Sociology

Awarded to a sociology major whose work best exemplifies the theories and methods of the field, and best demonstrates the “sociological imagination”

Andrew McInnis Walker ’23

Margaret Mead Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Anthropology

Given to a student who has shown outstanding achievements in anthropology to celebrate the tradition of bringing anthropology to bear on wider social and cultural issues

Sophia Margaret Patterson ’23

Outstanding Senior in Sport Management

Awarded to the student who has excelled in the classroom, made significant contributions to the Sport Management Program, and has been engaged in the local sports community

Bella Ana Ferruzzi ’23

Catherine Powell Prize for Outstanding Student in Urban Studies

Named for a distinguished, late member of the urban studies faculty and awarded to the student who has not only performed exceedingly well in the classroom, but also has demonstrated a deep understanding of and appreciation for the city

Alexandra Livia Johnson ’23

University Awards and Scholarships

Awarded to a student who embodies and demonstrates the virtue of kindness, as well as a high level of scholarship at Trinity University. The Roman M. Lubetzky Endowment Fund for Kindness seeks to encourage the attributes of kindness and noble behavior as values among Trinity students.

William Blaine Martin ’25

For outstanding Christian service to the University through the work, program, and outreach of the University’s Margarite B. Parker Chapel

Logan Bailey Crews ’23

Scholarships awarded each year to students who have had great success in their academic work and who have made strong contributions to the campus community

Samuel Cutter Canada ’24

Ayeleen Merchant ’24

Josue Parra ’24

These fellowships are made possible by an endowed fund established by the family of Steven Mach, who graduated from Trinity in 1992, served as National Alumni Board President in 2002, and is now a University Trustee. This endowment provides research funding annually to rising seniors. Awardees are nominated by the chair of the department in which they are majoring and selected on the basis of their academic accomplishments, demonstrated achievements within their discipline, and potential for future success.

Michael Antonelli ’23 – Psychology

Maeve Carolan Armand ’23 – History

Cathryn “Rosie” Barcus-Schafer ’23– Sociology & Anthropology

Anabelle Marie Conde ’23 – Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Nadia Crawford ’23– Chemistry

John “J.D.” Doran ’23 – Biology

Evan Engelhaupt ’23 – Physics

Noah Fulcomer ’23 – Neuroscience

Audrey Marie Jennings ’24 – Geosciences

Aislinn Lane Marcee ’23 – Engineering Science

Kenny Edwin Nelson ’23 – Political Science

Emma Ross ’23– Mathematics

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