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Trinity University Finds Its Niche as a Top 20 Liberal Arts College in America
Focus on well-being elevates student experiences, creates strong community

The word is out: "Attending Trinity University has been one of the greatest opportunities of my life."

That’s straight out of a 2024 student review from Niche, the rankings program that has skyrocketed Trinity in its national lists this year.

Why this surge? Because Trinity University is a community that focuses on total well-being, instills the curiosity and passion necessary for lifelong growth and discovery, and fosters—while making accessible—a small-school environment paired with the powerful resources and networks of a larger University.

National Niche rankings reflect this approach: Trinity has been named the No. 19 Liberal Arts College (last year 31), the No. 78 best college (last year 99), the No. 20 Best Small College (last year 30) and the No. 55 Best Private University in America (last year 70).

With Trinity’s star on the rise and its keen focus on students’ total wellbeing, it’s no wonder these reviews are shining a light on the University. 

"Attending Trinity University has been one of the greatest opportunities of my life,” reads one review. “Every day I'm amazed by the mentor relationships facilitated by the school's small class size and the passionate faculty. The curriculum covered in degree programs is incredibly broad and diverse, allowing students to become diverse scholars with an abundance of soft skills. Trinity has helped me foster some of the most meaningful relationships I have ever had through its emphasis on student well-being."

While Trinity’s commitment to experiential learning, inclusive excellence, and the enduring versatility of the liberal arts curriculum makes it an ideal place for students of all backgrounds and career interests to prepare for success in all its forms, it pairs these values with a strong set of resources, talented faculty and connected opportunities one might only expect to see at larger institutions.

"I am forever grateful for my professors, lifelong friendships, the service opportunities that were such a part of our college culture, and the strong academic foundation for creating a love of learning," reads another Niche student review of Trinity University.

And this focus on creating connections—between students, faculty, and with alumni and support networks—creates a palpable spirit of community. In fact, in response to the Niche poll, "What one word or phrase best describes your school," the top answer with 65 percent of respondents was "community."

"Being an international student, it has been hard to adapt to the different culture here in Texas," reads a review. "However the school has [definitely] helped a lot. The campus is beautiful, the academics are great and the athletics facilities are some of the top in the country even though it is a D3."

Niche rankings offer a blend of college reviews from real students, paired with a dependable data algorithm from sources such as the U.S. Department of Education and National Science Foundation. Prospective students and their families rely on these sort of rankings as they search for colleges, and at Trinity, this is especially true for Niche. With more than 140 million reviews and ratings, and robust search and data tools, Niche is also a go-to resource for high school counselors who advise parents and students as they make their college decisions.

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Jeremiah Gerlach is the brand journalist for Trinity University Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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