What’s in a Name?
Justin McMorrow ’93 builds education company around online learning
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
collage of portrait of justin mcmorrow in a suit (on left), and a pencil drawing of the elsmere house (on right)

In the case of Justin McMorrow ’93, the name of his company reflects the name of the house in which he lived and the street on which he lived when he was at Trinity. Justin is president and founder of Elsmere Education, which provides market research, marketing, recruiting, and student services for online learning for colleges and universities. In fact, Trinity’s own health care administration department partners with Elsmere to help increase awareness for the program and attract more students.  

Justin’s company, based in Denver, is proof positive that online learning is here to stay, and he takes the role seriously by adhering to seven core values in everything Elsmere does: curiosity, partnership, integrity, transparency, value creation, respect, and inclusion. 

When Justin talks about his work, curiosity clearly plays a huge role, as Elsmere wants to find out what universities need instead of trying to sell a packaged, one-size-fits-all management program. Their team works alongside and partners with universities to find that “just-right” fit for the university’s online learning needs. Just take a look at the Elsmere team, and you will see how each employee offers something so unique to the relationship.  

Justin was no stranger to online learning prior to developing Elsmere, as he ran sales and business development for eCollege, a company that was sold to Pearson Education in 2007. After starting and selling another education technology company, he started Elsmere Education in 2012 and now employs 60 people. One of the first people that joined him at Elsmere Education was his college roommate and fraternity brother, Matt Sieger ’93, who is the senior vice president of marketing for Elsmere. 

The personalized relationships with universities have come from Elsmere’s own marketing, but also from Justin’s ease and talent in networking. Elsmere Education’s success has been recognized the last two years making the Denver Business Journal’s Fast 50. Who knew the house and street in which you lived at Trinity could become your lifelong dream?  

The drawing in the photo is of the Elsmere House.

Besides being a lifelong educator, Shelly (Armstrong) Arneson '88, Ed.D., is an author, professor, and educational consultant. Follow her work at arnesoncommunicates.com

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