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COMPASS:  Career and Occupational Mentoring for the Professional Advancement of Science Students

Recognizing the national need for high-quality, well-informed career mentoring for graduate and undergraduate students in the physical sciences, the COMPASS faculty workshop aims to introduce faculty to career planning and mentoring resources, to provide training for faculty on using those resources, and to position faculty to use these resources on their respective campuses.

The upcoming workshop is scheduled for May 17-19, 2023. Check out all the details below.


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COMPASS Faculty Workshop on Career Mentoring for Students

The workshop will cover topics including career planning, mentor training and effective communication, culturally aware mentoring, crafting an action plan, promoting professional development, and changing departmental culture. Prior to the workshop, participants will research the resources available locally to their students for professional development. During the workshop, participants will craft a plan to implement a programmatic change at their respective institutions. After the workshop, participants will implement and assess their programs.


Workshop Details

Event Date:
 May 17-19, 2023

 Remote and synchronous via Zoom

Apply Now

Participant teams will be composed of two chemistry and/or physics faculty members from the same institution.  The registration fee is waived due to generous support from Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the National Science Foundation. Resources for Mentoring and Career Development


Workshop Content

  • Need for career and professional development
  • Resources available nationally and locally
  • Career planning
  • Mentor training and effective communication
  • Addressing Equity and inclusion; culturally aware mentoring
  • Crafting an action plan
  • Promoting professional development
  • Changing department culture

Pre-Workshop Requirement

  • Research the professional development resources available on your campus

Work Products

  • An action plan to implement a department-wide professional development program


Inquiries regarding the workshop may be addressed to:

Prof. Adam Urbach
Department of Chemistry
Trinity University
San Antonio, TX, 78212
office 210.999.7660
lab 210.999.7384