graphic of Mellon name change to URAH
New Year, New Name!
The Mellon Initiative Transitions into Fully Trinity-Funded Program

The new year ushers in yet more change at the Mellon Initiative. Following the
culmination of our Mellon Foundation grant this past September, we became a
fully Trinity-funded unit. And while our student programming currently remains in
place, we will go forth under the new name Undergraduate Research in the Arts &
Humanities, also known as URAH.

We’d like to issue a heartfelt thank you to the Mellon Foundation for supporting
undergraduate arts and humanities research at Trinity and for providing the
financial seeds for what has grown into a successful and impactful program for
students and professors alike.

URAH currently has open applications for SURFs and Mini-Grants. Please see our
2024 SURF and Spring 2024 Mini-Grant info pages if interested!

Watch for a new logo on the horizon, and while we may work out pronunciation
kinks as we go along, we’re currently using this slogan: “Hoorah, URAH!”

The Undergraduate Research in the Arts & Humanities (URAH) promotes undergraduate research in the arts and humanities at Trinity University in San Antonio.

URAH Website

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