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Transitions at the Mellon This Year
New Leadership and Funding in 2023
Lauren Turek headshot

This month the Mellon Initiative bids farewell to Dr. Lauren Turek, who is stepping down to focus on her current book project. She took the helm in the fall of 2020 and helped guide the program through the challenges of the pandemic. More recently she advocated passionately for the program’s continuation this year when the second and final Mellon Foundation grant ends at the end of September. Also, having successfully orchestrated an effort to extend access to leftover funds, Dr. Turek has ensured an additional summer of SURF programming before Trinity assumes full funding in October. We thank her for her tireless efforts and for setting us on a solid path forward.

Headshot of Angela Tarango

We in turn welcome Dr. Angela Tarango as she steps in to steer us through this upcoming transitional year and to chart future successes. Dr. Tarango is a Professor of Religion and a former Mellon SURF mentor. We’re excited to welcome her back to the program in this new role!

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