Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

A 10-week summer program in which students work on a project directly related to their faculty mentor’s research. Students receive a $4,200 stipend, free dormitory housing for the summer research period, a travel and supplies budget, and a one-credit course annotation on their transcript.

Faculty mentors also receive a stipend of $2,000. Students will present their research at the end of the summer at the Trinity Summer Research Colloquium. In order to apply, students must possess a faculty mentor from an Arts or Humanities department.

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Mellon Institute

A 10-week summer multidisciplinary research cluster that enabled faculty-student research teams from different disciplines to carry out inter-related research projects pertaining to one central topic. Between 2018-2022, Mellon funded one Institute proposal annually to teams of at least two faculty members from at least two Arts and Humanities departments.


Mellon Initiative Student Mini-Grant

Mellon Initiative Mini-Grants provide funding opportunities for student-directed projects guided by faculty mentors in independent study work or as a supplement to coursework. There are two types of mini-grants:

  1. Traditional arts/humanities projects: Students can apply for up to $500 for materials and regional travel to enable them to carry out their projects.
  2. Innovative arts/humanities projects: The Mellon Initiative offers grants of up to $750 for arts/humanities projects that push the boundaries of typical arts/humanities research. Innovative projects have included digital humanities projects, civic/social engagement projects, and arts/humanities projects that incorporate methods and approaches from outside the arts and humanities. But innovation, by definition, is something new, so you tell us!

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