The Minor in Education Teaching allows students to explore instructional practices, research, policy issues, and trends across intersecting educational disciplines and select a focus on either elementary education (18 hours), or secondary education (18 hours), or music education (18 hours minimum).  Completion of the minor can fulfill the prerequisites for admission to Trinity’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program depending on the courses selected; however, prerequisites can also be fulfilled with select coursework outside of the minor (see M.A.T. prerequisites). The minor is not required for entry into the M.A.T. but is encouraged.  The minor is designed for students who are preparing to become teachers, exploring areas of education including those that intersect with other disciplines, interested in teaching in other roles such as teaching English abroad, or pursuing service opportunities such as the Peace Corps or City Year.

Requirements for the minor

I. Two Electives: (2 courses, 6 hours) 
Course ID Course Title
EDUC-1310 Seminar on Urban Education Policy and Practice
EDUC-3310 The Natural Environment and Wellbeing
EDUC-3321 Schooling in America
EDUC-3330 Instructional Design and Practice for Student Achievement
EDUC-3332 Reading Intervention and Structured Literacy Instruction
EDUC-3333 Implementing Behavioral Systems and Supports in Schools
EDUC-3341 Teaching Science in Elementary School *
EDUC-3342 Teaching Science and Mathematics in Secondary Schools
EDUC-3344 Teaching in the Bilingual Classroom
EDUC-3345 Principles and Practices for Teaching English Learners +
EDUC-3351 Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School *
EDUC-4341 Workshop in Education
EDUC-4190EDUC-4290EDUC-4390EDUC-4490, EDUC-4590, EDUC-4690 Special Topics in Education
EDUC-4102 Secondary Advanced Field Seminar

* these courses are prerequisites for the MAT elementary program and are strongly recommended (otherwise they would need to be taken elsewhere)
+ recommended for all students 

II. Two Required Courses (2 courses, 6 hours)
Course ID Course Title
EDUC-1331 Understanding Learners with Disabilities in School and Society
EDUC-3320 Child and Adolescent Development Worldwide

Note: both of the courses fulfill state-required prerequisites for the MAT program 


III. Students will then select either the Elementary, Secondary, or Music Education Pathway (6 hours minimum)

A. Elementary Education: Leads to Early Childhood - Grades 6 certification (2 courses, 6 hours) 

Course ID Course Title
EDUC-2301 Practicum - Early Childhood Teaching Exploration
EDUC-3301 Field Seminar in Elementary Reading Instruction


B. Secondary Education: Leads to Grades 7-12 or EC-12  certification depending on the certification area ( 2 courses, 6 hours)

Course ID Course Title
EDUC-2302 Practicum: Secondary Teaching Exploration
EDUC-3302 Field Seminar in Secondary Education


C. Music Education: Leads to All Level EC-12 Music certification: (3 courses, at least 6 hours from 4 hours of practicum plus at least 2 more hours of EDUC coursework)

Course ID Course Title
EDUC-2204 Practicum: Music EC-6
EDUC-2205 Practicum: Music 5-12


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