The minor in Sport Management is an interdisciplinary program that studies various aspects of administering a sports organization or program, including: legal issues, sociological concerns, and a variety of management functions. Students contemplating graduate school in Sport Management or a career in athletic management would be well suited for this program. 

Requirements for the minor

The requirement for the minor in Sports Management is the completion of 24 credit hours as follows (15 of which must be upper division):

I. Required courses:
Course ID Course Title
MGMT 2301 Management of Organizations
SPMT 1312 Sport in Society
SPMT 3308 Sport Management*
SPMT 3309 Legal Issues in Sport
II. Community Service Experience:

Community Service combines volunteerism with pre-experience education and post experience reflection. An essential element of sport management is understanding the important role sport plays in society. As such, minors must complete a total of 50 community service hours. In order to successfully complete the requirement, students are expected to complete an average of 12.5 community service hours over four semesters.

Course ID Course Title
SPMT 3000 Community Service Experience*
III. Six hours in elective Sport Management courses (to include no more than three hours in SPMT 3-90 or SPMT 3-99):
Course ID Course Title
COMM 3357  Sport Media (also listed as SPMT 3317)* 
PHED 1165  Intramural Programming (also listed as SPMT 1165
SPMT 1165  Intramural Programming (also listed as PHED1165
SPMT 1306  Sport Officiating 
SPMT 1314  Athletic Facility and Event Management 
SPMT 3108  Sport Sales Laboratory*
SPMT 3314  History of American Sport* 
SPMT 3316  Leadership for Sport Professionals 
SPMT 3317  Sport Media (also listed as COMM 3357)* 
SPMT 3319  Sport and Sponsorship Marketing* 
SPMT 3320 Strategic Management in the Sport Industry*
SPMT 3321 Tom Brown's School Days: Sport in London*
SPMT 3-90  Directed Study in Sport Management* 
SPMT 3-99  Sport Management Internship* 
SPMT 4301  Organizational Theory in Sport Management* 
SPMT 4302  Seminar in Contemporary American Sport* 
IV. Six elective hours from the following courses:

Communication and Marketing

Course ID Course Title
COMM 3360 Principles of Public Relations*
COMM 3361 Principles of Advertising*
COMM 3364 Ethics in Mass Media*
HCOM 1333 Public Speaking
HCOM 3360 Communicating in Small Groups and Teams
HCOM 3362/BUSN 3311 Organizational Communication
MKTG 3381 Consumer Behavior*
MKTG 3382 

Integrated Marketing Communications

Business and Economics

Course ID Course Title
BAT 3302 Data Science*
BAT 3303 Business Analytics*
BUSN 3314 Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility 
ECON 3327 Sports Economics 
ECON 3329/MGMT 3311 Labor Economics and Labor Relations*
FNCE 3301  Corporate Finance*
MGMT 3361 International Management*
MGMT 3371 Human Resource Management*

This course has at least one prerequisite. See the course description for details.


Students interested in the minor should contact the Director of the Sport Management minor. 


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