Department Computers

The Computer Science Department maintains a network of computers intended to support classes and research:

  • Dual-boot (Linux and Windows) computers in classrooms and labs.
  • Linux-only computers housed by ITS and available for remote use. 

These computers are updated regularly (software once a year for most systems, most hardware about every four years). 

Access to the Linux systems requires an account separate from ITS network accounts. Linux accounts are automatically created when students first enroll in a CSCI course. 

Students typically have physical access to at least one classroom (via TigerCard) and remote access to many computers. 

Much more detail about these computers can be found here (Trinity users only).

Other Computing Resources

Note that some individual faculty members also have computers intended for research and available to students with their permission. Trinity also has a high-performance cluster that supports research by all the STEM departments. Use of this cluster requires a separate account; accounts can be set up for students if needed for research (ask your research supervisor). Much more information about the cluster can be found here.