Areas of Study

An Innovative Track to Success

Trinity offers a Bachelor of Science in computer science as well as computing as a second major. The curriculum reflects the significant changes that have occurred in the discipline in recent years, and follows specific guidelines from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the principal computer science professional society.

Trinity students using the linux-only computers
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

This track is ideal for students interested in pursuing a career in computer science immediately after receiving their diploma, as well as those who are interested in graduate study in the field.

Computer Science (B.S.) 

Sample code from a computer science class
Computing as a Second Major

This major is a great option for students whose first major is in a discipline where computing plays a significant role. This is an innovative track for students who want a computer science major to complement a primary major in another discipline.

Computing as a Second Major (B.A) 

Computer science students sitting in a classroom
Minor in Computer Science

The minor is designed to provide students with entry-level career skills in computing, as well as substantial computing background for graduate studies in fields where computers have become primary research tools.

Computer Science (Minor) 

two students work on their laptops
Minor in Scientific Computing

Scientific computing brings together courses from computer science, mathematics, and disciplines in the natural sciences. The program explores the application of computing within the natural sciences.

Scientific Computing (Minor)