Areas of Study

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The department of geosciences offers degree programs in geosciences and in Earth systems. The curriculum includes core classes in environmental and physical geology, Earth history, solid Earth processes, Earth surface processes, hydrogeology, and structural geology, combined with a diverse range of electives. We stress field work in all appropriate classes at all levels.


two students take notes while another looks at rock samples under a microscope

The study of geosciences provides Tigers an understanding of Earth’s systems and the transformation of those systems through time.  Tigers learn about the exploration and conservation of natural resources as well as human environmental impacts upon the Earth. The department offers two concentrations in the B.S., including a concentration in Geology and a concentration in Environmental Geosciences.

Geosciences (B.S.) Geosciences (Minor) 

two students look at a chart on the edge of a cliff inside a large canyon
Earth Systems Science 

Earth System Science draws on chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and applied sciences in an effort to understand the chemical, physical, biological and human influences on our planet. The major is ideal for students seeking a fundamental understanding of geosciences and the flexibility to pursue intensive study in other disciplines.

​​​ Earth Systems Science (B.A.)

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Research Grants and Affiliations

In the Geosciences department, faculty teaching and research are tightly connected. 

As active scholars, our greater depth of knowledge and range of high-level research skills creates deeper and more engaging learning opportunities for students.