The Honors Program is a senior thesis project intended for history majors who show gifted academic skills as well as a comprehensive background in a particular field of historical study.


The senior thesis will be a major research essay of original research, usually mastering a set of primary sources in the original language. The length of such an essay would be typically 50 pages of text along with a full bibliography.

The program involves 6 hours taken during the senior year, 3 in the first semester and 3 in the second semester (History 4498 and 4499). The student will secure the guidance of a department faculty member who will serve as thesis adviser and work in close consultation with the student.

The thesis will be read and judged for Honors distinction by the department Honors Committee. The thesis adviser will be an ex-officio member of that committee. The student must submit copies of a final draft of the thesis to each member of the committee by the end of the eleventh week of the second semester of the senior year.

The thesis adviser is responsible for grading the student's performance in History 4498 and 4499; the Honors Committee's sole duty is to determine whether the thesis is worthy of Honors distinction.


A student who seeks admission into the Honors Program must take a History 4000-level seminar by the end of the junior year. The student must have an overall Trinity University GPA of 3.33, a departmental GPA of 3.66, and an average 3.66 GPA in the following four "gateway" courses: 3381 (The Historian's Craft), 4400-4480 (Seminar), and two Intermediate or Advanced courses in the student's field of specialty.

A student with these qualifications must apply to the department Honors Committee by May 5 of the student's junior year. The Honors Committee will notify the student of his/her acceptance by May 30.


See the Courses of Study Bulletin for Trinity policy information for departmental/major honors and university honors.