Any lower-division (1000- or 2000-level) course is appropriate for beginning students of philosophy.  These courses can be used to fulfill the prerequisite for most of our upper-division (3000-level) courses.

Any student planning a major in Philosophy should take PHIL 2340 Symbolic Logic I, PHIL 3410 Classical Greek Philosophy and PHIL 3422 Early Modern Philosophy early in their studies, and ideally the last two in that order

Students should take PHIL 3422 Early Modern Philosophy prior to taking: 

  • any later classes in the “History” sequence (3423 German Idealism, 3426 Nietzsche and German Philosophy, or 3429 Continental Philosophy)
  • any of the classes in the “Metaphysics” category of the Courses of Study Bulletin, in particular PHIL 3430 Metaphysics, PHIL 3422 Philosophy of Science, and PHIL 3439 Epistemology.

Here is a model sequence for completing the Philosophy major:

Year One (about 6 hours)
One 1000- or 2000-level course
2340 Symbolic Logic I

Year Two (about 8 hours)
3410 Classical Greek Philosophy
3422 Early Modern Philosophy

Year Three (about 12 hours)
3430 Metaphysics or 3439 Epistemology
Two other courses

Year Four (about 8 hours)
Any Seminar or Senior Thesis
One other upper-division (3000-level) course