It is recommended to begin seeking a thesis adviser at the end of the Sophomore year or beginning of the Junior year. Thesis students must be self-motivated, show strong initiative, and be willing to commit to having research-related activities dominate their schedule as they will be responsible for each phase of a 1-2 year research project, including each of the following:

  1. Preparation of materials and design
  2. Data collection and analysis
  3. Preparation of a manuscript that is written according to departmental specifications. 
  4. Presentation to Faculty

All thesis students present the hypothesis, design, and results of the study (studies) to the Psychology Faculty and other students during the last semester of their Senior year. Digital copies of each student’s thesis are stored in the library and are available for check-out.

The department makes the following suggestions to those students who are interested in the program.

Step 1

Selecting a Thesis Adviser

Step 2

Selecting a Thesis Topic

Step 3

Review Guidelines

Make appointments to talk to the faculty members about the general nature of the research they plan to do during the next two years and about their availability to supervise your thesis. The topic of the thesis project is determined in conjunction with the thesis adviser, who is knowledgeable in the particular domain of the research and who will advise the student on each phase When you have "chosen" an adviser who is willing to supervise your thesis, pick up a copy of the Departmental Guidelines.