Psychology majors think critically about human behavior and psychological phenomena. Grounded strongly in research methods, courses cover interdisciplinary electives and four core clusters: basic biological and perceptual processes; development; learning, memory, and cognition; and social and clinical psychology.

Fast Facts:
  • Supervised practicum experience available in clinical setting, nonprofit organizations and allied health.
  • Colloquium Series brings prominent speakers to campus
  • Students and faculty collaborate on research projects and academic publications
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What You'll Study

A diverse curriculum grounded in research methods and critical thought


Faculty researchers bring expertise and opportunity

Department faculty are active researchers and invite students to engage with all aspects of their projects, including study design, data collection and analysis, preparation of publications and presentations, and even technology development.

Kevin McIntyre
Kevin McIntyre, Ph.D.
Department Chair
headshot of Matthew Binder_2023
Matthew Binder, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
William Ellison
William Ellison, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
" "
Alan Hernandez Cortes
Visiting Assistant Professor
headshot of Kah-Chung Leong_2022
Kah-Chung Leong, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Harry Wallace
Harry Wallace, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Headshot of Elaine Wong
Elaine Wong, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor
Carol Yoder
Carol Yoder, Ph.D.

Student Opportunities

Discover more through student research, field experience, and community involvement


Students can apply for summer research internships (e.g., Murchison, MAS, McNair) or research awards (Mach Fellowship).

Honors Programs

Selected students can complete a supervised thesis with a faculty member. 

Research Opportunities

Most students are involved in research throughout the course of the program.

Laboratory Experience in Psychology, Supervised Research and Advanced...

Study Abroad

We encourage Study Abroad.  Usually students can take courses in Psychology abroad, and at times, contribute to research abroad.


Experiential and service learning initiatives help students grasp the critical thinking skills necessary for a psychology career while gaining real...

Spaces and Facilities

Center for the Sciences and Innovation

Teaching and research labs in the Center for the Sciences and Innovation (CSI) are hubs for hands-on...

Student Organizations

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is a student-led group for any students, majors or non-majors, interested in psychology. Students get together...

Student Awards and Recognition

The “Outstanding Senior in Psychology” award is awarded annually.

Lecture Series and Annual Events

Colloquium Series

Trinity’s psychology department hosts an outside speaker each semester.  We also give students in Supervised Research a chance to...

When You Graduate

Your Psychology B.S. is your secret weapon

Psychology majors earn graduate degrees in specialties such as clinical/counseling psychology, neuroscience, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology and other related areas. Others find opportunities in related areas such as education, law, medicine, business management, and social services.


Understanding human behavior improves employability and helps students stand out after graduation. All majors are encouraged to take courses from other disciplines and graduates find careers in research, healthcare, business administration, and more.

Graduate Schools or Programs:

  • Graduate programs in Psychology
  • Health Professions / Pre-Med
  • Pre-law

Career Areas:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Research and Development

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