The Academic Honor Code

Since 2003, Trinity University has had a student-led and student-operated academic integrity system with two core components: the Academic Honor Code and the Honor Council. Due to the hard work of both the student body and the council members, the Trinity Academic Honor Code is now a model for other universities.

The values of honesty, scholarship, and the pursuit of excellence are central to the mission of Trinity University. The Academic Honor Code is the system through which Trinity students uphold these values by assuming individual responsibility for academic integrity.

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Two students signing the academic honor code

Honor Code Violation Allegations

Reporting Process

  1. If necessary, contact Michael Soto to discuss whether or not you should submit an allegation form.
  2. Fill out and submit an allegation form.
  3. The Internal Chair of the Academic Honor Council will contact you to verify that your complaint has been received.
  4. If the Council accepts the case, you will receive a copy of the letter sent to the accused student informing you of the hearing date and assigned Honor Council members. It will also provide an overview of applicable Honor Council procedures.
  5. The following day, an advocate-presenter who functions on behalf of the University will contact you.

Submit an allegation

Two Notes on Confidentiality

  •    Maintain the confidentiality of the accused.
  •   Do not tell the accused about the suspected violation.
    The Honor Council will notify the accused on the sixth class day following the allegation submission, should the Council accept it.


Please contact Michael Soto, associate vice president for Academic Affairs, at or 210-999-7561. He will be more than willing to discuss with you in complete confidentiality before you make a final decision. All other questions should be directed to the Academic Honor Council External Chair at

Current Members

  • Victory Ogubuike, Internal Chair
  • Mia Vu, External Chair
  • Shivani Alur
  • Aidan Carr
  • Ellie Dootson
  • Patrick Kelly
  • James King
  • Chase Moye
  • Sophia Patterson
  • Thomás Peña
  • Ezra Serebrin
  • Claire Siewert
  • Sara Trauth
  • Kseniya Vishnyakova
  • An Vu Nguyen Dieu
  • Jamie Warren
  • Morgan Smith
  • Hannah Ballas
  • Camille Abaya
  • Ernesto Robinson
  • Hunter Jackson
  • Trinity Coatney
  • Roshan Edachali
  • Maddee Williams Koeller
  • Kyle Ellenberger

Faculty Advisors

Want to Join?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Honor Council, keep an eye out for recruitment emails at the beginning of each semester.