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Updated: January 31, 2023

Davis and Alexandra Bass
Class Year: 2010, 2008

Davis and Alexandra welcomed their 2nd son into the world on 12/21/2022. Miller Harrington Bass is happy and healthy, and he tried to steal his big brother's thunder by joining us earthside on his 3rd birthday. They will forever share 12/21 and hopefully a strong and unbreakable bond.

Updated: December 14, 2022

Victoria Bell
Class Year: 2022

Victoria Bell started a research specialist job at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. While Bell is going through all of the training at the moment, soon enough she will be engaging with adolescents and young adults with eating disorders and researching the effectiveness of family-based treatments as well as other projects focused on executive functioning and sleep patterns. Bell is incredibly thankful for all of the amazing professors she had in the psychology and neuroscience department who helped her grow as both a student and a researcher and are just such a great support system even after graduation. Bell is so glad to continue in this field with a dream job.

Rayna Webb
Class Year: 2022

Rayna Webb graduated in May and moved up to Fort Worth, TX to pursue an MS in Exercise Psychology at Texas Christian University. She is working in a research lab that studies the socio-emotional effects of unstructured playtime on elementary-aged children. Aside from starting her thesis project, Bell was hired as the TCU powerlifting team coach.

Andrea Cruz
Class Year: 2021

Andrea Cruz graduated and returned to her midwestern roots and moved back to Chicago. After moving, she worked as an academic coach for the Schuler Scholar Program, supporting first gen/underrepresented/low income students through their high school experience in order to be prepared for college. Cruz is looking forward to getting her yoga teacher training certification, as well as eventually applying to grad schools to become a therapist.

Jordan Rudd
Class Year: 2021

Jordan Rudd is in his last year of graduate school at the University of Texas at Dallas working towards an M.S. in Speech Language Pathology. Rudd is working as a research assistant focusing on preverbal development as well as a student clinician at Plano Pediatric Imaging working with children with potential swallowing disorders. He hopes to accept a medical internship in his final semester.

Brooke Bloom
Class Year: 2020

Brooke Bloom is in her first year of medical school at McGovern Medical School at UT Health in Houston. She is enjoying her time there and looks forward to seeing where the next four years lead.

Madelyn Haas
Class Year: 2019

Madelyn Haas graduated from Trinity and took a gap year. She is pursuing her M.A. in clinical counseling psychology at Assumption University in Worcester, Massachusetts and is on track to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC). Haas just completed her first year of graduate school. Haas interned at a mental health partial hospitalization program over the summer and has loved it thus far.

David Herman
Class Year: 2019

David Herman finished his master's degree and began a collaboration with Uzma Rehman. They are hoping to have a few papers come out soon. Herman’s channel, Social Psychology Explained, continues to grow, and he is hard at work on a video about a paper refuting the Prospect of Fulfilling Belonging Hypothesis. And on top of all that, Haas became involved in the DC activism scene, which included leading a thousand-person bike ride through the city streets.

Ashley (Ogilvie) Kovacs
Class Year: 2017

Ashley (Ogilvie) Kovacs graduated with a doctorate in physical therapy from California State University, Long Beach in 2021. She is a physical therapist with a specialty in treating neurological conditions in North Carolina. Kovacs is happily married to Brian Kovacs for 5 years (also a Trinity graduate) and they have two beautiful dogs to make up our family.

Allison (Huseman) and Steven Mickey
Class Year: 2013

Allison (Huseman) and Steven Mickey, both class of 2013, welcomed baby boy Russell on October 6. He joins proud big sister, Josie.

Michael Yancey and Amanda Wolf
Class Year: 2013

Michael Yancey and fellow alumna, Amanda Wolf were married on September 17, 2022.

Amanda Draheim (nee Benbow)
Class Year: 2011

Amanda Draheim (nee Benbow) is in her second year as a tenure-track assistant professor at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. It's lovely here, but she desperately misses breakfast tacos. In the past year, Draheim co-authored with her spouse, Chris, her first publication in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. It explores real-world applications of attention control, the importance of which [one faculty member] has been emphasizing for decades. She also published a manuscript based on her dissertation in the Journal of Anxiety Disorders and has contributed to a number of projects aimed at promoting psychological wellbeing among members of minoritized groups. The most recent study along these lines, accepted for publication in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, is a meta-analysis evaluating the efficacy and acceptability of digital mental health interventions for members of racial and ethnic minoritized groups. In the coming year, Draheim will continue to teach courses in psychopathology, clinical psychology, and human sexuality. She will also help teach a Doing Nothing course and hope to teach a December-term course on suicide risk assessment and prevention. In terms of future research, she is developing a study exploring the role of the availability heuristic in outcome probability bias for social anxiety. Draheim’s passion project is a wellbeing campaign designed to challenge the "Lawrence Busy" culture and has the support from the University's Cabinet.

Amy Oliver
Class Year: 2011

Amy Oliver reached 1 full year of being in Private Practice in Austin, TX. She started Bluebell Counseling, PLLC last August and it has been such a wonderful change. Oliver continues to work mainly with clients struggling with Eating Disorders and sometimes brings her sweet pup Bluebell (namesake!) to the office to work her doggie magic on the clients.

Caroline Crocker
Class Year: 2010

Caroline Crocker is a practicing neonatologist in Little Rock, AR. Crocker bought her first house (1920s craftsman) and is doing her best to take care of a yard for the first time. Crocker’s psychology education has definitely stood her in good stead with knowing how to read people and talk to families which is a huge part of her job.

Kaitlin Hill
Class Year: 2010

Kaitlin Hill graduated with a PhD in clinical psychology from University of Hawaii at Manoa last August after completing an internship at Rogers Behavioral Health in Wisconsin. Hill took a job as the clinical supervisor of Rogers' adult inpatient and residential eating disorder programs and has loved being involved in eating disorder treatment full time. As of this week, she completed a year of supervised post doc hours and is preparing to take the EPPP in the fall. This last year has been tough with navigating the many challenges the pandemic has brought to mental health, but Hill is grateful to have a great team to help weather the storm.

Updated: December 14, 2022

Jeremy Schwark
Class Year: 2009

Jeremy Schwark accepted a new position as Human Factors Engineering Lead at Google and relocated to Austin, TX. In this role, he oversees the usability of all healthcare products at Google, including AI-driven diagnostic software and health features found on mobile and wearable devices, such as Fitbit. It was a great opportunity to apply Schwark’s medical device experience and build a division from the ground up. He is also co-chairing the digital health track at next year's HFES healthcare symposium and started mentoring graduate students and former academics interested in transitioning to industry.

Leda McDaniel
Class Year: 2008

Leda McDaniel is a practicing Physical Therapist in Atlanta, GA and is also an adjunct professor at Emory University in the Division of Physical Therapy. Leda earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) in 2019 from Ohio University and went on to graduate from Emory University’s Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency program and obtain her Board-Certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS). Leda’s passion for physical therapy is paralleled by an interest in teaching and education and her teaching roles have included those within Emory University’s DPT program, Orthopedic PT Residency program, and delivering guest lectures for various other PT programs around the country. Leda has also pursued this passion for excellence in physical therapy education by implementing evidence-based teaching and learning strategies, some of which have come from her father’s (Mark McDaniel, PhD in psychology) work as a research-based psychologist and expert in the science of learning. Leda and Mark have delivered lectures and workshops to various PT programs around the country on applying the science of learning to physical therapy education. They also co-authored a paper published in The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation, Fall 2020 edition, entitled, “The Science of Successful Learning: Applications to Physical Therapy Education."

Carissa Zimmerman
Class Year: 2005

Carissa Zimmerman, now Espinosa teaches Cognitive Psychology and Social Sciences Statistics at Rice University, where she lives with her husband Nick and 7-year old daughter Amelia. Last year she received one of Rice’s George R. Brown Awards for Superior Teaching. This year, she and Nick celebrate their ten-year wedding anniversary, and are looking forward to traveling again now that many COVID restrictions are being lifted. Amelia started taking gymnastics lessons and is determined to advance to a competition-level team within the next year.

Kathryn Patterson Tipton
Class Year: 2004

Kathryn Patterson Tipton has a daughter in 4th grade and son in kindergarten. The joint practice that she started up with her colleague, Houston Center for Valued Living, is growing. They have opened up an Intensive Outpatient Program for OCD and Anxiety disorders. Work never really stops as a business owner and clinician, but it's brought so much fulfillment to Tipton’s life. She is in private practice full time and loves the work life balance. Tipton is a girl scout leader, a gymnastics mom, and now a soccer mom too.

Updated: December 14, 2022

Veronica (Roni Mitchell) Santos
Class Year: 1999

Veronica (Roni Mitchell) Santos is in her 10th year working as a BHIP psychologist at the VA here in San Antonio. She provided 100% virtual care, but works with veterans from the North Central Federal Clinic. The Clinic focuses on evidence-based practice and Santos is trained in CBT, DBT, IPT, CPT, and is working to become more proficient with ERP and RO DBT. Santos keeps pretty busy when she’s not working raising her 3 children still living at home (ages 8, 12, 14), and visiting with her older son (age 25) and grandson (age 4). She also has a lively pit bull and a curious rabbit.

Anne McLaughlin
Class Year: 1998

Anne McLaughlin published her first book for the public, "All Too Human," with Cambridge University Press in February. She wanted to share all the "coolest" facts from the study of memory, attention, and cognitive biases paired with how we can use that knowledge to make a better world around us. It was so much fun for McLaughlin to find the connections between research studies and stories from the news, with examples as big as Chernobyl or as small as the design of a table saw. She tried hard to insert humor and avoid jargon, to make it enjoyable for anyone who likes psychology.

Jennifer Huerta Montes
Class Year: 1996

Jennifer Huerta Montes earned her MSW from Our Lady of the Lake University in 2002 and served as a School Social Worker for Harlandale ISD in San Antonio for the past 20 years. Montes also served as an Adjunct Faculty for the Worden School of Social Work MSW program at Our Lady of the Lake University from 2013-2021 and is working toward her PhD in Social Work at Walden University. She will begin her dissertation in the spring of 2023 which will focus on the influence of self-efficacy and social-emotional learning on the academic achievement of Hispanic elementary students from low-income communities.

Anne-Marie Smith
Class Year: 1995

Anne-Marie Smith got her PhD in clinical psychology from Texas A&M and moved to Oregon for internship and postdoc residency. She had been doing mostly forensic evaluations for the courts, but following a battle with cancer a few years ago (I’m fine now), decided to stick with lower stress work on a part-time basis. Smith now works a couple days a week at a juvenile correctional facility. She and her family just moved to a farm out in the country. They enjoy watching the cows, tending to the chickens, and dreaming of what new animals they can bring on.

Bonnie Mixon McCrickard
Class Year: 1994

Bonnie Mixon McCrickard finished her BA in Psych, went on for an MSW at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, and graduated in 1996. McCrickard moved to Nashville, TN, and launched a 15-year social work career. Just for fun, she took some evening and weekend classes from Belmont University, completing another BA in 2009. In 2011, McCrickard left her position as assistant director of non-profit to pursue a Master of Divinity at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN. Upon graduation in 2014, she was ordained as a deacon and then priest in The Episcopal Church. She served in churches in AL and PA while completing a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2020 at Drew University in NJ, where she drew on her social science background to examine perceptions about the church. She moved to Philadelphia in 2018 to become the first female rector of a 160-year-old parish [as the Very Rev. Dr. Bonnie Mixon McCrickard].

Amy Wiseman
Class Year: 1994

Amy Wiseman has been working at Texas State University since 2022, researching public education teacher pipeline issues. Certainly we need more people in the pipeline in general, given mass teacher resignations, but we are also trying to increase the gender and ethnic diversity of the teacher population.

Carrie Dodrill
Class Year: 1992

Carrie Dodrill lives in Houston and has been in private practice since 2018. She has been on campus recently, touring schools with her daughter—she hopes to attend Trinity.

Susi (Beveridge) Mapp
Class Year: 1992

Susi (Beveridge) Mapp just completed her second year as Associate Provost of Institutional Effectiveness and Innovation at Elizabethtown College. She has decided an MSW and a Ph.D. are not enough and has started a Master's in Strategic Leadership with a concentration in Data Analytics. Her sixth book, which is an edited volume on academic leadership, will be published this spring. For someone who decided not to continue in psychology because she didn't like research, she definitely does a lot of it.

Stephanie (House) Segal
Class Year: 1991

Stephanie (House) Segal is in the early planning stages of creating an intentional community with a small starter group of like-minded humans: sustainable energy, regenerative farming, living off the land, etc. in the San Luis Valley area of southern Colorado. Segal left corporate Kaiser Permanente to become the medical director of a nonprofit clinic in Littleton, CO, where she is learning the ins and outs of running a nonprofit, with plans to start up something similar in a few years.

Updated: January 31, 2023

Patty Jenkins
Class year: 1986
Rev. Patty Jenkins completed twelve years of service as a chaplain with the U.S. Army Reserve in September 2021. She now lives in southern California with her husband and works as a hospital chaplain.

Updated: January 9, 2023

Robinson Kurth
Class year: 1987
Mr. Robinson Kurth moved back to his childhood region of Santa Fe, NM. Not only does he enjoy the company of his brothers and mother nearby, he gets to hear the coyotes and crickets more frequently. Specifically related to Trinity University, every few years he rendezvous with two Trinity roommates - Evan Ramstad and Steve Herlich. The three have great memories of their university days and continue to keep each other young as they age gracefully.

Updated: December 14, 2022

Paisley Huntoon
Class year: 1989
Paisley Huntoon serves as the President of the Colorado State Chapter of the P.E.O. Sisterhood. Attached is the cover of the magazine where Huntoon was featured in the Directory of Presidents. P.E.O. is a Philanthropic Educational Organization where women help other women with their educational needs. P.E.O. was organized the same year as Trinity and has more than half a million women internationally. P.E.O. has helped over 119,000 women and provided nearly $400 million in educational assistance.

Kathryn Bartlett Anderson
Class year: 1988
Kathryn Bartlett Anderson is the 2022-2023 President of Division 35 of the American Psychological Association, The Society for the Psychology of Women. If any Trinity psychology students or alumni are interested in getting involved in Div. 35, they are welcome to contact me. [PH: Kathryn is also a Psychology professor.]

Robert Nagle
Class year: 1988
Robert Nagle runs Personville Press, a Texas-based ebook publisher of quality fiction which he founded in 2010. In October 2022 Personville Press re-published the out-of-print 1942 novel, MY HEART FOR HOSTAGE by Pulitzer-winning poet Robert Hillyer. Nagle wrote the book's critical introduction. Personville is a small town south of Dallas whose population numbers less than 100. Nagle currently lives in Katy, Texas.

Michael Kubena
Class year: 1987
Michael Kubena worked for 25 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and retired in 2016 as partner and CEO of the Central and Eastern European Region. After living in Europe for 25 years, Kubena and his family (wife, Carolyn, and two daughters) moved back to the US and chose Denver as their home. Since then Kubena has done extensive training and has established a coaching business, LifeMatters, LLC. LifeMatters specializes in working with men who are facing the challenges of crises and transitions in their life involving career, marriage, financial or other matters.

Lisa Ann Melia
Class year: 1987
Lisa Ann Melia received an MA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1994 and subsequently worked as a Research Assistant in the Eating Disorders Program at New York Hospital for two years. In 1996, she accepted a data management position at a pharmaceutical company which led to a career in drug development. Lisa is currently the Vice President, Clinical Operations at Shoreline Biosciences working on cellular immunotherapies for cancer. Lisa lives in Carlsbad, CA with her husband, Bill Deal [PH: who took post bac classes at Trinity for med school but switched…], who is a Clinical Psychologist for the US Navy, and a menagerie of cats and dogs. She has two adult children, neither of whom she was able to convince to attend Trinity. Amanda, who is 26, is currently attending the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; Will, who is 22, graduated from Sonoma State University in May 2022 with a degree in anthropology.

Stephen Samples
Class year: 1985
Stephen Samples, a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic for 25 years, developed a Regional Neuroscience program, the first Tele-Neurology Hospital Service (years before COVID, a consulting business (in US, China and Thailand) and built the Neuroscience Program as Institute Chair in Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

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