Pathways to Graduation


When it comes to our curriculum, no two pathways will be the same.

Trinity’s Pathways Curriculum invites you to create an experience which is specific to you and your academic and professional interests and inquiries. The advising team invites you to lean into that which you are naturally curious about and that which piques your interests. The personal is academic, and we fervently believe that you already are that which you seek to be. 

Your pathway to graduation is simple: be intentional about the courses you pursue, the questions you ask, the research you do, the opportunities you seek, and the mentoring relationships you foster

Updates to Pathways

General Graduation Requirements

In addition to other requirements delineated in the Courses of Study Bulletin,  students are required to complete  the following in order to graduate from Trinity University:

  • 120+ credit hours total
    • 12 hours minimum per semester
    • 30 hours at the 3000-4000 upper-division level
    • 60 hours in residency (including final 30 hours)
    • 24 hours outside primary major courses
    • “Free Elective” credit hours to get to 120 (this will vary for each student depending on transfer hours and major(s)/minor(s) of interest)
    • 10 discipline breadth 
  • Grade point average (GPA)
    • 2.00 minimum overall GPA
    • 2.00 minimum major courses GPA


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Curricular Requirements

There are six curricular elements that provide a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences for all Trinity undergraduate students. Students are required to complete specific courses for each curricular element and should consult the list of approved Pathways courses in preparation for registration and graduation.

Through these requirements, along with courses required by your selected major(s), you will acquire the necessary skills and disciplinary perspectives to navigate complex questions at Trinity and beyond.

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Student Athletes

Student-athletes must complete 24 credit hours per year to be eligible for the following academic year.  Students who fall short may complete courses during the summer "mini"mester. 


International Students

All international students must complete their degree requirements within 4 years. International students can seek additional guidance from the ISSS Office.

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Courses of Study Bulletin

Degree requirements, academic policies, and academic majors and minors at Trinity University.

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Pathways Curriculum

Curricular requirements and optional elements for undergraduate students.

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Academic Support

Programs and services to enhance student learning and personal and academic development.

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