Protecting you every step of the way

The Offices of Equal Opportunity Services (EOS) is aligned with the University’s value of intentional inclusion. EOS is committed to developing and sustaining a learning and working environment that is diverse, inclusive and free of illegal discrimination and harassment in any form. The university expects everyone within our community — students, faculty, staff, visitors, and others — to treat others respectfully and does not tolerate hostile behavior toward others.

Trinity is committed to providing equal employment and educational opportunities for all qualified persons without regard to sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or citizenship status.

What to Report

  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination

Report an incident

Your voice matters. We want to hear from you. If you’ve experienced or been made aware of harassment, discrimination, or sexual misconduct, let us know so we can address the allegations and provide support. 

Report an incident

Know the Policies

Trinity strives to create equitable policies. Know your rights, explore policies on sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, and more. 

Human Resources policies

Request accommodations

Seek accommodations ranging from a disability to religious faith. Let us help provide an experience and workplace that meets your needs.

Employment accommodations policy

Student accommodations and services

Religious Accommodations Policy

Support a Survivor

Accommodations are available to those involved in a report of harassment, discrimination, or sexual misconduct, Accommodations are also available to assist with a health condition or religious need. Let us help provide an educational experience and workplace that meets your needs.

Support a survivor

Meet your Compliance Officer/Interim Title IX Coordinator

Kateeka Harris

Kateeka Harris oversees all discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct complaints. She is your contact for information about your rights under our policies, filing a complaint and providing support resources. She also provides training related to these subjects.

Contact Kateeka

Annual Chief Executive Officer Report

In order to comply with Texas Education Code 51.252, at least once during the spring or fall semester Trinity's President must submit a report to the Board of Directors and post the same on the website.

Chief Executive Officer Report October 2023 (PDF)

National Member of the Student Conduct Insitute


Section 106.45(b) of the 2020 Final Title IX Rules requires that Trinity University post a copy of the materials used to train Title IX Coordinators, investigators, decision-makers, and any person who facilitates an informal resolution process. The following materials are provided to comply with this requirement.

Organization/Presenters Titles of Training/Presentation Format Training Materials
Grand Rivers Solutions Introduction to Fair, Thorough, and Trauma Informed Sexual Violence Investigations .pdf Investigator-Training_-ICUT.pdf
Grand Rivers Solutions Hearings in a Post Regulatory World. ICUT, Day 1 .pdf ICUT-Hearing-Training-Day-1.pdf
Grand Rivers Solutions Hearings in a Post Regulatory World. ICUT, Day 2 .pdf ICUT-Hearings-Day-2.pdf
Grand Rivers Solutions From One Coordinator to Another: Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas .pdf ICUT-From-One-TIXC-to-Another.pdf
Grand Rivers Solutions ICUT Title IX Training .pdf ICUT- 2021 Grand River training Agenda and Bios.pdf
Husch Blackwell Title IX & Sexual Harassment Response - Advanced Course .pdf Husch Blackwell Title IX Advanced Training 6.9.21 PowerPoint Presentation 6.9.pdf
Jess Ettell Irvine Training Information .pdf Google Drive Folder
Tera Johnson Training Information .pdf Google Drive Folder
Kelly Whitney Training Information .pdf Google Drive Folder