Registration Process


Registration for classes at Trinity is done online for all students using TigerPaws. All new students are expected to register before starting classes; new first-year and transfer students register during the Summer with assistance from their Academic Adviser. All continuing students are expected to participate in pre-registration in November (for the spring semester) and in April (for the summer term or fall semester).

Timeline: 2022-2023 Class Registration

Fall Semester

  • Registration Open
  • Registration Closes
  • Add/Drop Period Begins
  • Add/Drop Period Closes

Spring Semester

  • Registration Open
  • Registration Closes
  • Add/Drop Period Begins
  • Add/Drop Period Closes

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Follow These Steps

Make your class registration process painless

The TigerPAWS system holds your official academic data and you will use it to register for classes each semester. If you encounter any issues while logging into or using TigerPAWS during the registration process, please contact the Information Technology Services office right away.


Registration Advice


Be patient and know that many students are not finished after their initial registration session. By design, the process goes on for 2 1/2 weeks during November and April pre-registration, and also for a week during add/drop at the beginning of each semester.

In an environment of small class sizes, some courses can (and do) fill up quickly. Students should understand they don’t need schedules composed entirely of major courses or Pathways classes. 

A minimum of 124 credits is required for the degree, leaving room for electives; don’t be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone—you’re not wasting time; you’re discovering and growing! 

Just be sure to check with your advisor if you deviate from the schedule they’ve approved.

...your schedule isn’t complete or exactly what you want after your initial registration session. There will be ample time to adjust your schedule throughout preregistration and add/drop as other students drop classes they originally signed up for, freeing seats for others. 

...classes you want or need show as closed or waitlisted on TigerPaws. E-waitlists work! If it’s a class you really must have, make plans to meet with the instructor and let them know your situation.

Check your Trinity email inbox at least once daily during registration and add/drop periods for “permission to register” notices. Permissions are time-sensitive—you’ll have one day to register yourself from the waitlist if granted permission. 

If you no longer want a course for which you’re waitlisted, please remove yourself using Manage My Waitlists on TigerPaws. This gives your classmates a better chance of getting a seat (you’d want them to do the same for you!). 

Each November, waitlists will carry forward through add/drop the following January. After the April pre-registration period, waitlists will expire in preparation for the incoming class of students.

Textbook pricing information is available to students online in a searchable database prior to registration each semester. You can also call the Trinity University Bookstore at 210-999-7028 if you have any questions about an assigned textbook.


Schedule Planning Resources

Students should use schedule planning forms to plan class schedules prior to meeting with advisers each semester. Fill them out online and bring the completed forms with you to your advising session.

Hot Tip

Advising Sessions

You can seek guidance from a professional Academic Adviser!  This adviser can walk you through the forms, clarify registration and graduation processes, and help you gather any required approvals.

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