• Deli Yang (BS. MBA. MS. Ph.D.) is an Intellectual Property (IP) business scholar and consultant, and global educator. She currently holds the position of Neidorff Family/Centene Corporation Endowed Professor and Associate Dean for Research & Strategic Initiatives at the Michael Neidorff School of Business, Trinity University. She specializes in internationalizing strategies and performance against global patent uncertainties, brand counterfeiting and cultural conflicts. She also focuses on cultural rationalization for success and failure. Yang believes in the seamless integration of knowledge, education and practice.

    Yang holds a Ph.D. in management science in intellectual property management from the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, United Kingdom. She also holds a master’s degree in economics and international business from the same university and an MBA from the Cyprus International Institute of Management, and Bachelor of Science from the University of International Business and Economics, China.

    She is a prolific author and believes in the power of knowledge creation. She has received major funding from the National Science Foundation, USA, Economic and Social Research Council, and British Academy, UK, and the World IP Organization, UN. She has published frequently in peer-reviewed leading journals of international business and intellectual property. She is also the sole-author of three books and two co-edited books. Some of her journal papers became the best read, were included into edited volumes, and nominated for best paper awards. She has given scholarly and professional talks across 30 countries, served as an editorial (or founding editorial) board member of three journals and as a journal guest editor, article editor, columnist and reviewer for leading journals in her fields.

    Yang is a global educator and engages in knowledge transformation from higher education. She has visited leading business schools worldwide, taught in over 20 countries, nurtured students across more than 80 countries at all the levels of higher education, including undergraduate (BS, BA, BBA), postgraduate (MS., MBA, MA, and EMBA), doctoral (PhD and DBA). Her teaching centers around three fields: IP and Innovation (e.g. International Innovation, International Branding), IB (e.g. Global Business Culture, IB Strategy), and Research Methodology (e.g. Theory Construction, Structural Equation Modeling). She was educated in three countries, has lived in four, worked in five, and has keen interest in the significance of cross-cultural knowledge and experience on life and work.

    Yang is a practitioner in higher education leadership and knowledge-practice linkages. In the current associate deanship under the leadership of Dean Scherer, she will contribute to enhancing scholarly activities, internationalization of learning and continuous improvement review of educational standard. She has previously served in a variety of leadership roles across countries, such as Head of International Business (Trinity University Neidorff School of Business), Director of the PhD Program, MBA and MS. (Bradford University School of Management, UK). She has consulted widely in her field with multinationals and organizations and served as a lead consultant for an UN project: Benchmarking Intellectual Property under the auspices of WIPO. Yang believes in performance-driven culture under her leadership mantra of being fair, caring, focused, structured, humble, responsive and inspirational.

    • Ph.D., Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom 
    • MSc., Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom


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      A quotation from the review by the United Nations World IP Organization, the highest authority in IP published on the WIPO official magazine in the August issue 2008.

      "The author has undertaken a formidable task with serious scholarship and analytical intent… has enlivened what could have been a dry, specialists-only book by including…statistics, and illuminating case studies…This is a well-researched and thought-provoking read for both the academic and business communities."
    • Yang, D. (2003) Intellectual Property and Doing Business in China, Elsevier, Oxford.