• Nicole Marafioti is an associate professor of history at Trinity, where she teaches courses on medieval Europe and co-chairs the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program. A specialist in Anglo-Saxon history, Marafioti has recently published The King's Body: Burial and Succession in Late Anglo-Saxon England, which investigates how kings' bodies, funerals, and tombs contributed to the process of royal succession in tenth and eleventh-century England. She has also co-edited a volume of essays, Capital and Corporal Punishment in Anglo-Saxon England, which offers multidisciplinary perspectives on punishment in pre-Conquest England.

    Marafioti's current book project, Crime and Sin in Late Anglo-Saxon England, considers how wrongdoing was understood, remedied, and punished in the tenth and eleventh centuries. Marafioti will spend the 2016-17 academic year working on this project at the National Humanities Center, supported by an ACLS Frederick Burkhardt Fellowship.

    At Trinity, Marafioti teaches a range of courses on medieval history, including Medieval Kingship, The Anglo-Saxons, The Barbarian North, and Death and Dying in the Middle Ages. As co-director of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor, she organizes the program's annual Student Colloquium, in which advanced students present original research in a conference setting. Marafioti has been awarded numerous pedagogical grants during her time at Trinity, including Mellon Grants for teaching student research, QEP Grants for developing students' information literacy skills, and Collaborative for Learning and Teaching Grants for course redesign. In addition to her work in the classroom, Marafioti has recently served as secretary of Trinity's Faculty Senate, a member of Trinity's Information Literacy Committee, and faculty adviser for Omega Tau, Trinity's branch of the national history honors society Phi Alpha Theta. In 2015, Marafioti was awarded Trinity's Junior Faculty Award for Distinguished Teaching and Research.

    • Ph.D., Cornell University
    • M.A., Cornell University
    • M.A., University of York (UK)
    • B.A., Yale University



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    • Medieval Europe
    • Medieval Christianity
    • Medieval Kingship
    • The Anglo-Saxons
    • Vikings, Saxons, and Franks: The Barbarian North
    • The Middle Ages in Film
    • Death and Dying in the Middle Ages
    • Co-Chair, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program (2012-present)
    • Faculty Senate (2013-16, secretary 2014-16)
    • Information Literacy Committee (2010-14)
    • Faculty Adviser for Omega Tau (2010-14)
    • Curricular Development Ideas Lab and Subcommittees (2012-15)