The minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies takes students on an interdisciplinary voyage of discovery and re-examination of knowledge about the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Students will engage in hands-on work with primary sources and cutting-edge research to take a multifaceted, deeper look at this world.

Fast Facts
  • Students conduct their own interdisciplinary research, collaborate with faculty, and present at national conferences.
  • Our award-winning faculty are leading specialists in their fields.
  • Trinity’s notable collection of Medieval and Renaissance material includes manuscripts, tapestries, maps, facsimiles, and early modern books.
  • Graduates go on to top graduate and professional schools in education, law, museum studies, and library science.
A medieval castle


What You'll Study

Explore the Rich Tapestry of History


Masterful mentors, researchers, and experts

Students will thrive under an interdisciplinary faculty that brings a series of unique skillsets in the arts, language, literature, and history. Faculty have won awards and grants from some of the most prestigious national organizations, and give students the chance to collaborate on cutting-edge research projects.

Nicole Marafioti
Nicole Marafioti, Ph.D.
Program Director
Professor, History
" "
Laura Agoston, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Art and Art History
" "
Douglas Brine, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Art and Art History
Headshot of Andrew Kraebel
Andrew Kraebel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English
Headshot of Willis Salomon
Willis Salomon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English
Kathryn Vomero Santos
Kathryn Vomero Santos, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, English

Student Opportunities

Research, discover and engage


Students enrolled in the Medieval and Renaissance studies program conduct independent research and can present research at regional and national academic and student leadership conferences. 

Our students have:

  • Identified unknown manuscripts
  • Conducted archaeological digs
  • Created invaluable digital editions of ancient texts

Trinity offers financial support for undergraduate research through fellowships and grants through resources such as the Undergraduate Research in the Arts & Humanities.

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to study abroad, where a world of research and cultural exploration awaits. You can find subjects involving your desired source of study by visiting the libraries that house the primary documents and ancient artifacts of the culture you are interested in.


Trinity offers an established network of partners such as the San Antonio Museum of Art and the McNay.

Spaces and Facilities

Trinity’s Special Collections Library includes manuscripts, rare books, noteworthy editions, named collections of particular distinction, and the Trinity University Archives, and adds content to a number of digital collections.

Original manuscripts, or handwritten, centuries-old books, are rare possessions for a university to have. But Trinity possesses many of these early printed books, as well as tapestries and other unique media.

Lecture Series and Annual Events

The program hosts a student colloquium each year in which students in the minor give presentations on their research. 

At this signature event, students present their large-scale research through a competitive and selective process in a conference-style forum.

When You Graduate


Students will graduate as creators and analysts, bringing a broader perspective to their understanding of the world around us and its foundations. They go on to top graduate and professional schools, prepared to enrich the world’s preservation and application of history and culture.


Tigers are valued for their powerful, diverse set of skills in research, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving. Graduates thrive in areas such as education, law, and library science.

Graduate Schools or Programs:

  • Cambridge
  • Colorado
  • Fordham
  • Stanford
  • University College Dublin
  • York

Career Areas:

  • Education
  • Law
  • Library Studies
  • Museum Studies
  • Teaching



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