• Nicholas received his PhD from the University of Oregon in 2014. He has taught all levels of German language at Trinity since 2016, as well as seminars on Franz Kafka and German Lyric Poetry. He also teaches in the Trinity in Germany program in Berlin for the Center for International Engagement, where he offers a course called “Decadence: German Literature around 1900,” which weaves the thinkers of the turn of the century into the landscape of Berlin and the entire German-speaking world:


    Nicholas is also engaged in the First Year Experience program, teaching writing and discussion for a course called “Arts and Ideas.” He teaches in the Philosophy department as well, with classes on German Idealism, Continental Philosophy and Ethics. 

    Engaged in an active research program, Nicholas most recently delivered a paper to the North American Goethe Society at the University of Chicago, and at the German Studies Association conference in Houston. His latest publication is his first book, Sense and Creative Labor in Rainer Maria Rilke’s Prose Works (Palgrave 2021): 


    He is working on his second book, which will be published soon …

    • Ph.D. University of Oregon
    • MA in German Studies, University of Oregon
    • MA in Philosophy, University of Oregon
    • BA in Philosophy, SUNY New Paltz
    • Letters from Henryk Grossman to Max Horkheimer, in Henryk Grossman, The selected works of Henryk Grossman: Volume 1, Economic Writings, edited by Rick Kuhn, Leiden, The Netherlands: 2019. pp. 400-439. 
    • “Echoes of the Absolute: Rainer Maria Rilke’s Book of Images.” Studia austriaca, 24 (2016): 1-22. 
    • What is a Thing: Special Edition of Konturen, Volume 8, Winter 2015 (editor and introduction). Available online: http://journals.oregondigital.org/index.php/konturen/issue/current 
    • “A Vessel to Navigate a Terrifying World: Rilke’s Stunden-Buch. Studia austriaca, 22 (2014): 17-37. 
    • "Family, Inner Life, and the Amusement Industry." Radical Philosophy Review (Philosophy Documentation Center), 12.1/2 (2009): 1-19.
    • Modern German Literature and Philosophy
    • Rilke
    • Romanticism
    • Ethics
    • Phenomenology
    • Critical Theory
    • Philosophy of Literature
    • Philosophy of Liberation
    • German Language, elementary through advanced
    • German Literature: Decadence (German Lit around 1900), Lyric Poetry, Kafka
    • First Year Experience Writing Seminar
    • Philosophy: Continental Philosophy, German Idealism
    • Rachel Swain Memorial Scholarship
    • Astrid Williams Award
    • Ludwigsburg / Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach Fellowship
    • Philip Hansen Graduate Fellowship in German and Scandinavian
    • Baden-Württemberg Scholarship
    • Dr. F.G.G. Schmidt Fellowship