• A self-described teacher educator and teacher at heart, Rocío Delgado was born in El Paso, Texas and raised in Juarez, Mexico. After finishing preparatoria [high school], she pursued her undergraduate studies in Special Education and later obtained graduate degrees in Deaf Education and Multicultural Special Education. Her research focuses on the education of culturally and linguistically diverse populations with and without disabilities, collaboration among school professionals, and the involvement of Latinx parents in their children's education. 

    In addition to teaching and supervising student teachers and interns in general, bilingual, and special education settings, Delgado worked at the Texas School for the Blind and Texas School for the Deaf. She provided early intervention for children with multiple disabilities, worked as parent and community educator, and taught English as a second language classes. 

    In August of 2005, Delgado joined the Education department's faculty at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Her academic work has been presented at local, national, and international conferences such as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) conference, the National Association for Bilingual Education conference, the Texas Education for Bilingual Education conference, the Council for Exceptional Children's Teacher Education Division conference, and the Learning Disabilities Association of America. 

    • Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin
    • M.A., New Mexico State University
    • B.I.S., University of Texas at El Paso
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    • Elementary Reading And Literacy
    • Teaching In The Bilingual Classroom
    • Principles & Practices Of English As A Second Language
    • Teaching Diverse Learners 
    • Clinical Practice

    Dr. Delgado serves as tutorial faculty and research supervisor for the McNair Scholars program. She is a member of the Mexico, the Americas, and Spain program, the Linguistics minor advisory committee, and the Cultures and Languages across the Curriculum (CLAC) interdisciplinary program. She served in the Diversity and Inclusion committee at Trinity University and participated in the Texas Latino Education Advancement Program and Texas Diversity Council's Young Women's Leadership Symposium within the San Antonio community. 

    She is a member of the Council on Teacher Education and involved with local schools and school districts. Her involvement includes being a presenter at multiple teacher trainings, career/college days, and parent conferences in San Antonio, Northside, Judson, Harlandale, and Edgewood Independent School Districts.