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Our research group operates at the interface of chemistry, physics, and engineering to study the unique properties of microenvironments and address science questions relevant to atmospheric chemistry, sustainability, human health and beyond.

Ryan Davis and student working on an experiment


Mason jars with colored liquid research experiments

Science Community and Classroom Outreach & Levitation Facility 

Engaging in outreach and broader impacts activities is one of the more rewarding aspects of being a practicing scientist in academia.  And we encourage interested researchers or students to contact us about using our available instrumentation.

Classroom Outreach and Levitation Facility



Stay up to Date


November 2020

New publication from the group out in Science Advances about supramolecular aerosol chemistry! Motivated by understanding atmospheric chemistry, with implications for respiratory aersol and materials synthesis.

August 2020

Research from the group and commentary from Prof. Davis was featured in various news sources, including The Washington Post.

June 2020

The lab was awarded an ACS PRF new investigator grant to study interfacial reactivity of petrochemical aerosol particles in the presence of reactive oxygen species! 

January 2020

The first publication from the Davis Research Group is published in Analytical Chemistry! Congrats to David, Kristin, and Josie for their hard work making it happen! 

Summer 2019

We have received a 3-year award from NSF to study the physico-chemical properties of organic aerosol particles and their impact on atmospheric crystal nucleation processes!

We have also gotten word that Prof. Davis will be presenting at the ACS Fall Meeting in August and the AAAR Annual Meeting in October, and David Richards will be presenting at ACS in August. Come see our talks and learn about levitation techniques and gel formation in microdroplets!

Oct 2018

We are officially levitating microdroplets here at Trinity, and collecting some interesting data!

Aug 2018

It begins.​​​​​


Panoramic photo of the Davis Research lab

​​​​​​Davis Research Lab