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Summer 2019 group photo Summer 2019 with Professor Urbach and six students

Summer 2019

 Left to Right: Prof. Urbach, Nia Clements ('22), Brylee Lavoie ('22), Cristina Hofman ('19), Anna Van Zile ('21), Lois Warden ('21), Erin Cha ('21) 

Contact Information

Adam Urbach
Department of Chemistry,
1 Trinity Place, San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 999-7660
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July 2019
Dr. Urbach and Dr. Eric Masson co-hosted the 6th International Conference on Cucurbiturils at Ohio University.  The entire Urbach Group attended!
June 2019

Trinity Alumna Cristina Hofman ('19) joined the group as a Research Associate and brings a wealth of experience from her research with Dr. Laura Hunsicker-Wang.  Welcome Cristina!

May 2019
  • Emily Babcock, Elena Boms, Madeleine Gallagher, Zoheb Hirani, Jordan Koeller, Hailey Taylor, and Tim Wheatley graduated!  Congratulations and Best Wishes to All!!
  • Jordan Chinai ('10) completed his MD/PhD at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and will be starting his residency in internal medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.  Congratulations Jordan! 
  • Dr. Urbach received the faculty award for Distinguished Research, Scholarship, or Creative Activity from Trinity University.
April 2019
  • Emily Babcock ('19) accepted a position in the chemistry PhD program at UT Austin.  Congratulations Emily!
  • Zoheb Hirani ('19) accepted a position in the chemistry PhD program at Northwestern.  Congratulations Zoheb!
  • Hailey Taylor ('19) accepted a position in the chemistry PhD program at UNC Chapel Hill.  Congratulations Hailey!
  • Dr. Urbach hosted the 2019 COMPASS Workshop on Career Mentoring for Students at the American Center for Physics.  This workshop was funded by our Cottrell Scholars Collaborative grant from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement.
  • Our Welch Foundation grant to study disordered peptides was funded!
  • Dr. Urbach gave seminars on our work at Brigham Young University and University of Utah.
March 2019
Dr. Urbach joined the editorial board of supramolecular chemistry for Frontiers in Chemistry.
February 2019
  • Brylee Lavoie ('22) joined the group.  Welcome Brylee!
  • Dr. Urbach signed on as guest editor for Chemical Communications for a special issue on cucurbiturils.
January 2019
Dr. Urbach gave a seminar on our work at Texas A&M University in College Station.
December 2018
  • Anna Van Zile ('21) and Nia Clements ('22) joined the group.  Welcome Anna and Nia!
  • Amy Grice ('17) gained entrance to medical school at TCOM in Fort Worth, TX.  Congratulations Amy!
November 2018
  • Dr. Urbach gave a seminar on our work at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida.
September 2018

Zoheb Hirani ('19), Hailey Taylor ('19), and Emily Babcock's ('19) Article was accepted for publication in JACS.  Congratulations!

August 2018
  • Dr. Vijay Ramalingam started a tenure-track faculty position at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. Congratulations, Vijay!
  • Erin Cha ('21) joined the group. Welcome Erin!
  • Zoheb Hirani ('19) presented a poster in the organic division at the ACS National Meeting in Boston, MA.
July 2018

Dr. Keturah Odoi accepted a tenure track faculty position at her alma mater, Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  Congratulations Keturah!

June 2018

Zoheb Hirani ('19) and Dr. Urbach presented posters at the International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (ISMSC) in Quebec City, Canada.

May 2018

Zoheb Hirani ('19) was selected to speak at the 2018 Arnold Beckman Symposium in Irvine, CA.

April 2018

Dr. Urbach gave a seminar on our work at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

March 2018
  • Zoheb Hirani ('19) was selected as a 2018 Barry Goldwater Scholar. Congratulations Zoheb!!!
  • Lois Warden ('21) joined the group. Welcome Lois!
  • Hayden Anderson ('20) , Madeline Gallagher ('19), Cristina Kodadek ('20), and Hailey Taylor ('19) presented their research at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans.
February 2018

Zoheb Hirani ('19) attended and gave a poster on his work on peptide recognition at the Gordon Research Symposium and Gordon Research Conference on the Chemistry and Biology of Peptides.  Marlies Hager ('11) was the conference chair!

January 2018

Prof. Lisa Ryno ('08), now at Oberlin College, was selected as a 2018 Cottrell Scholar by Research Corporation for Science Advancement. Congratulations! 

November 2017
  • Caroline Tran ('19) joined the group. Welcome Caroline!
  • Hailey Taylor ('19) gave a talk on her work on peptide recognition at the Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium at Rice University and won the award for Best Supramolecular Chemistry Presentation. Congratulations, Hailey!
October 2017

Will Skinner ('20) joined the group. Welcome Will!

September 2017
  • Dr. Keturah Odoi joined the group as a postdoc. Welcome Keturah!
  • We were awarded an R15 grant from the NIGMS!
August 2017

We were awarded an MRI grant from the NSF, in collaboration with Profs. Christina Cooley, Laura Hunsicker-Wang, and Corina Maeder, to acquire an electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer (ESI-TOF-MS) to support research and teaching activities at Trinity!

June 2017
Drs. Adam Urbach and Eric Masson (Ohio University) were selected to co-organize the 2019 International Conference on Cucurbiturils in Athens, Ohio.


May 2017
  • Carolyn Young returned to the group as lab manager for the summer.
  • Amy Grice, William Mobley, Sara Vivatson, and Carolyn Young graduated from Trinity University.  Congratulations, Class of 2017!
April 2017

Zoheb Hirani, Emily Babcock, Elena Boms and Aamuktha Karla presented their work at the 253rd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

March 2017

Dr. Adam Urbach hosted the fifth Postdoc to PUI Professor (P3) workshop at Trinity University.

December 2016
  • Congratulations to Andrew, Lauren, Amy, Omar, Carolyn, William, Ashley, James, Brittany, Lyle, and Adam on the publication of "Cucurbit[7]uril–Tetramethylrhodamine Conjugate for Direct Sensing and Cellular Imaging" in the Journal of the American Chemical Society!
  • Cristina Kodadek, Hayden Anderson, and Timothy Wheatley joined the Urbach Lab.
  • Andrew Bockus left the group to join the team at Circle Pharma, Inc.
November 2016

Hailey Taylor and Madeleine Gallagher joined the group.  Welcome!


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