The minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies is an interdisciplinary program with the following objectives: (a) discovery and re-examination of knowledge about the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and (b) employment of a variety of methods of historical and theoretical analysis as models for such scholarship.

Requirements for the minor

The requirements for a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies are as follows:

  1. A minimum of 18 credit hours. At least 12 credit hours must be fulfilled by courses in the Primary Curriculum. The remaining credit hours may be fulfilled by courses in either the Primary or Supporting Curriculum.
  2. At least 6 hours from the Primary Curriculum must be in Medieval (M or MR) courses and at least 6 hours from the Primary Curriculum must be in Renaissance (R or MR) courses.
  3. At least 9 credit hours of the total to be in upper division courses.
  4. No more than 8 credit hours to overlap with the student’s primary major.
  5. No more than 12 credit hours to be taken in any one department.

Students are encouraged to prepare themselves in modern European languages (normally French, German, Italian, and/or Spanish), as well as in Latin and/or Greek.

Primary Curriculum

M = counts toward the Medieval requirement

R = counts toward the Renaissance requirement

MR = counts toward either the Medieval or the Renaissance requirement

Course ID Course Title
ARTH 1314 Art and Architecture of Medieval Europe (M)
ARTH 3392 Women’s Studies in Art History: Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern Italy (MR)
ARTH 3430 Art, Gender, and Patronage at the Court of Burgundy (MR)
ARTH 3439  Art at the Courts of Europe, c. 1330-1416 (M) 
ARTH 3440  Northern Renaissance Art in the Fifteenth Century (MR) 
ARTH 3441  Early Renaissance Art in Italy (R) 
ARTH 3442 Age of Leonardo: Art and Architecture in Italy, 1475-1568 (R) 
ARTH 3444/GRST 3444 Dürer and his World: Painting and Printmaking in the Age of Reform (R)
ARTH 3446  Jan van Eyck and His Legacy (MR) 
ARTH 3447 Michelangelo: A Media-based Approach (R) 
ENGL 1311

The Beginnings of English Literature (MR)

ENGL 3161 Early Book and Manuscripts Lab (MR)
ENGL 3346  History of the English Language (MR) 
ENGL 3347 The History of the Book (MR)
ENGL 3456 

The Epic Legacy: Imagining Antiquity in the Middle Ages (M)

ENGL 3457/RELI 3458

Medieval Christian Mysticism (M)

ENGL 3460

Introduction to Shakespeare (R)

ENGL 4420 Studies in Early Modern British Literature (R) 
ENGL 4401  Geoffrey Chaucer (M) 
ENGL 4403

Milton (R)

ENGL 4419  Studies in Medieval Literature (M) 
ENGL 4420  Studies in Early Modern British Literature (R) 
HIST 1332  Medieval Europe (M) 
HIST 1333 Medieval Christianity: Tradition and Transformation, 200-1200 (M) 
HIST 1350  Medieval Islamic History, 570-1517 (M) 
HIST 2430  Medieval Kingship: Power, Patronage, and Propaganda, 750-1035 (M) 
HIST 3431  Early Medieval England: 500-1100 (M)

HIST 3432

Vikings, Saxons, and Franks: The Barbarian North (M)

HIST 3433

The Middle Ages in Film (M)

MDRS 2-01 Special Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
MDRS 3-01 Special Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
MDRS 3-90 Directed Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
PHIL 3412  Late Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (M) 
PHIL 3422  Early Modern Philosophy (R) 
SPAN 4331 Medieval Spanish Literature (M) 
SPAN 4332 Spanish Golden Age Literature (R) 
SPAN 4333 Don Quixote (R) 
Supporting Curriculum
Course ID Course Title
ARTH 1407 Art History I: Prehistoric through Medieval Art 
ARTH 1408 Art History II: Renaissance to Modern Art 
ARTH 3325 Art and Power in Ancient Rome 
ARTH 3330 Art and Architecture in the Late Classical World 

ARTH 3343

Italian Baroque Art

ARTH 3345 Spanish Colonial Art and Architecture in Mexico 
CLAS 3404 The Ancient Romance and Novel 
FREN 3305 Introduction to French Literature I 
FREN 4303 Topics in French Literature of the Seventeenth Century 
GERM 3305 Introduction to German Literature I 
GREK 2303 Readings in the New Testament 
HIST 1334 Early Modern Europe 
HIST 3314 The Mediterranean World in the Hellenistic Age 
HIST 3318 The Roman Empire 
MUSC 3341 Music History I 
PLSI 3361 Classical Political Thought 
RELI 3441 Creating Judaism 
RELI 3442 The Christian Tradition 
RELI 3443 Islamic Worlds 
RELI 3454  The Letters of Paul 
RELI 3457 Jerusalem: Judaism, Christianity, Islam
RUSS 3303  Russian Culture 
RUSS 3305  Introduction to Russian Literature I
SPAN 3311 Spanish Civilization
SPAN 3331 Introduction to Spanish Literature
SPAN 4301 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
SPAN 4341 Literature of Colonial Spanish America
THTR 3333 History of Theatre and Drama

How to apply

Students interested in a Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor should contact the director of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program.

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  Nicole Marafioti, Ph.D. (Program Director)


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