Not available to students majoring in Communication.

Only available to those in the 2021-2022 catalog or later. Other classes should follow the Interdisciplinary Clusters pathway.


Department or Program:

In this Discovery, students will learn how the media industry creates contemporary texts and unique practices of knowing and then investigate those texts through the study of specific media forms (ex. comic books), the study of special topics (ex. "Environmental Communication in Asia" or "Children and Media") or the study of certain practices (ex. "transmedia storytelling").


a) COMM 1301 - Mass Media
b) Completion of at least 6 hours from: (*all courses have prerequisite: COMM 1301)

Course Title
COMM-3321 Arts Criticism 3 credits
COMM-3322 International Communication 3 credits
COMM-3323 Environmental Communication in Asia 3 credits
COMM-3324 Popular Culture in Asia 3 credits
COMM-3325 Special Topics in Communication Media 3 credits
COMM-3326 History of Mass Media 3 credits
COMM-3328 Media, Culture and Technology 3 credits
COMM-3372 Intercultural Communication 3 credits

Additional Information

  • A student must complete at least one  Discovery to qualify for graduation
  • Courses in the Discovery must be taken at Trinity University.
  • Students can also fulfill the Discovery requirement by completing a second major or a minor.
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The Discovery requirement is one element within the Pathways curriculum. Although many Discoveries are housed in academic departments, Discoveries are distinct from majors or minors. For the requirements associated with specific majors or minors, see the Courses of Study Bulletin