Not available to students majoring in the Neidorff School of Business.

Only available to those in the 2021-2022 catalog or later. Other classes should follow the Interdisciplinary Clusters pathway.


Department or Program:
Michael Neidorff School of Business

This Discovery helps students survey the area of Marketing in MKTG 2301 and choose upper division courses where they will refine their critical understanding of the discipline, allowing some latitude to explore different facets in the area.


Completion of at least 9 credit hours, including:
a) MKTG 2301
b) at least two upper division MKTG courses (all upper division MKTG courses have at least one or more prerequisites - check the COSB)

Additional Information

  • A student must complete at least one  Discovery to qualify for graduation
  • Courses in the Discovery must be taken at Trinity University.
  • Students can also fulfill the Discovery requirement by completing a second major or a minor.
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The Discovery requirement is one element within the Pathways curriculum. Although many Discoveries are housed in academic departments, Discoveries are distinct from majors or minors. For the requirements associated with specific majors or minors, see the Courses of Study Bulletin