Not available to students majoring in History.

Only available to those in the 2021-2022 catalog or later. Other classes should follow the Interdisciplinary Clusters pathway.


Department or Program:

Twentieth-century History introduces students to the history of the twentieth century in a global, multidimensional way. Integrating a wide breadth of geographic, temporal, and thematic approaches, this discovery will introduce students to major events that critically shaped the century, including World War One, World War Two, the Cold War, the rise of mechanic production, labor movements, feminism, colonialism and post-colonialism, and globalization from the perspective of Europe, Latin America, East Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Africa. Students will similarly learn to draw global and comparative causal connections across the globe between and among local experiences with global events.


Completion of at least 9 credit hours of courses from the lists below, including at least two upper-division courses (3xxx, 4xxx). At least one course must focus on the history of Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East:

Course Title
HIST-1300 The African Experience 3 credits
HIST-1324 Modern East Asia 3 credits
HIST-1351 The Modern Middle East 3 credits
HIST-3426 Race and Ethnicity in East Asia 4 credits
HIST-3346 Modern Mexico 3 credits
HIST-3452 Modern History of Syria 4 credits
HIST-3400 Gender Matters in African History 4 credits

At least one course must focus on the history of the US or Europe:

Course Title
HIST-1335 Modern Europe 3 credits
HIST-1361 The History of the United States Since Reconstruction 3 credits
HIST-1371 The African American Experience Since Reconstruction 3 credits
HIST-2432 European Frontiers 1848 - Present 4 credits
HIST-2436 Native American History Since Removal 4 credits
HIST-2440 U.S. Society and Politics Since 1945 4 credits
HIST-3334 Modern Germany 3 credits
HIST-3438 History of the Holocaust 4 credits
HIST-3361 Economic and Business History of the United States Since 1865 3 credits
HIST-3372 Black Images in Film 3 credits
HIST-3439 The World War II Era 4 credits
HIST-3469 U.S. Foreign Relations 4 credits

Additional Information

  • A student must complete at least one  Discovery to qualify for graduation
  • Courses in the Discovery must be taken at Trinity University.
  • Students can also fulfill the Discovery requirement by completing a second major or a minor.
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