The honors program in chemistry requires three semesters of research and culminates in the writing and defense of an honors thesis and the presentation of a departmental seminar.

In addition to the minimum requirements for an honors thesis described earlier, the Department of Chemistry has the following requirements:

Application and Procedures 

Students planning to write an Honors Thesis in Chemistry should discuss research opportunities with at least three faculty members. Normally the choice of research director will be made in the first semester of the Junior year, although students with extraordinary research experience, including research during a summer, may defer the choice of research director for one or two semesters.


The Honors Program in Chemistry requires a minimum of nine credit hours of research normally arranged over three semesters. At least six of these hours must be taken in the senior year and devoted to the thesis research. If a student has worked full-time on research related to the thesis for a minimum of ten weeks during one summer, the department may waive the requirement for three of the nine credit hours. Submission of the final research report for the summer is required for this waiver.


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