Research with Faculty

Trinity's chemistry department offers opportunities for undergraduates to participate alongside faculty members in interdisciplinary research projects, often bridging scientific disciplines. Students have the opportunity to co-author papers, and many present their findings at leading academic conferences.

Each student works under the close supervision of a chemistry faculty member and will be involved in a variety of activities that introduce them to the challenges, excitement, and opportunities of careers in the chemical sciences. The program provides hands-on use of modern chemical instrumentation, opportunities for contributions to publishable research, experience in effective oral and written communication of results, and knowledge of career opportunities through interactions with leaders in chemical and biochemical science.


Our department has a long history of excellence in research. In just the past five years, the chemistry faculty have raised over $5 million to support research with Trinity students, they have published over 70 research articles in leading journals with over 60 Trinity student coauthors, and have sent over 100 Trinity students to present at research conferences. This high level of involvement and productivity of undergraduates in research, their access to cutting-edge scientific equipment, and our emphasis on recruiting students into research early in their college years is very unusual worldwide and is part of the reason our graduates are so well prepared and sought after for advanced study and careers in chemistry and biochemistry.

Get Started

Trinity's chemistry department offers a summer research program that provides undergraduates at all levels and highly motivated high school students an opportunity to participate in chemical research.

The summer program is available to qualified undergraduate Trinity students, but we gladly accept applications from high school students and students from other colleges. Participation in the program includes a stipend, a 1-hour course credit, and the opportunity to live in the Trinity University residence halls.

If you have questions about the opportunities in specific research groups, please contact any of the faculty. We would enjoy the opportunity to share with you more information about our research projects and our department. For questions about the summer research program, please contact the chemistry Summer Research Coordinator, Prof. Rebecca Rapf (