What's Next?

Whether steering East Asian studies students onto their proper career paths or preparing them for graduate or professional education, the EAST program assists Trinity students in their post-graduate plans. 

Students have gone on to pursue a variety of careers and activities, including Academia, Law, International Business, and more. 

Trinity students gather on steps in front of the Oriental Pearl Radio & Television Tower in Shanghai

Post-Graduate Opportunities in Asia

The post-graduate experiences in Asia are for those students looking for a temporary position which will open doors to a career in Asia.

Graduate Study

Students who participate in EAST also continue their academic careers through graduate programs. Some of the options available include: East Asian Studies Centers – where students can earn degrees in disciplines with a focus on East Asia or craft a "joint program" between East Asian languages and other departments, public affairs schools, law schools, etc.


EAST helps to prepare students in their future career plans whether those plans are in: academic research, teaching, international businesses with operations in East Asia, careers in diplomacy, military service, government, intelligence agencies, international non-governmental organizations, and relief organizations. As a rule, companies hire by their own procedures. Start by developing your own goals in consultation with your professors or the Trinity Career Services office.

Resources for Teachers