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From a summer in Washington D.C. to recognition as an honors student, students in the economics department have a wide range of opportunities for involvement in jobs, internships, and societies, all of which are designed to enhance our students' economics education. 


The Roger Spencer Scholarship for Superior Performance in Economics
This distinguished scholarship is presented annually to a first-generation college student or Pell-Grant eligible student who has excelled in the study of economics.

Recent recipients include:

  • 2019—Gaetano Dona-Jehan, David I. Migl
  • 2018—Lufti Sun, Alice Von Ende-Becker
  • 2017—Victoria Abad, DeCory Edwards
  • 2016—Shea M. Voss
  • 2015—Logan Langford
  • 2014—Hannah E. Coley

Mass Mutual Scholarships
Scholarships are awarded to African American/Black, Asian/Pacific American and Hispanic American students who are full-time students at an accredited United States university entering their sophomore, junior, or senior years. Applicants must be permanent legal residents of the U.S. or U.S. citizens with a GPA of 3.0 or higher majoring in business, finance, management, economics, financial planning, or marketing/sales.

McNair Scholars Program
The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program prepares undergraduate students for success in doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities. Scholars are selected before their sophomore year and take part in an array of academic, career, and cultural enrichment activities.

Named after the late physicist and Challenger astronaut Ronald E. McNair and prepares students for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities, the program is funded by a U.S. Department of Education grant and offers academic counseling, financial aid assistance, mentoring, research opportunities, seminars, paid summer internships, and graduate admissions guidance.

Student Financial Services

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Economics majors have a variety of research opportunities available to them. Students and faculty work side-by-side to co-author papers and articles, and to give national and international presentations.

Office of Experiential Learning

Undergraduate research is central to Trinity University's values. The Office of Experiential Learning provides a place for students to gain information about internships, community service and service-learning opportunities, beyond the classroom course projects, and undergraduate research opportunities.

Study Abroad

Students go further with study abroad.
The Madrid Summer Program in Spain matches students with internships at Spanish companies.

​​​​The European Union Summer Program combines international travel with the study of key economic institutions in the EU.

The Unique Economic, Geologic, and Cultural History of Iceland program takes students on a two-week journey to study Iceland’s economy, the volcanic and glacial processes that have sculpted the landscape, and culture as documented in the Icelandic sagas.

Visiting Iceland emphasizes the nation’s inherent connection to their landscape; from the creation of literature and art to their nearly 100 percent dependence on geothermal energy for electricity and hot water; from living with lava and flooding hazards capable of grand devastation to their booming geo-tourism industry.​​​​​​


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The Study Abroad Office can help you find an opportunity based on your interests and/or studies. 

Study Abroad Office

Service Learning

Economists in Schools Program
The Economists in the Schools program promotes economic education by creating partnerships between Trinity University and San Antonio public schools. Under the program, teachers, public school students, and Trinity students of all majors work together to develop their conceptual understanding of economics and apply the knowledge in meaningful ways.

The internships offer students hands-on experience in applying what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations. Students are encouraged to discuss their interest in an internship with individual faculty.

Examples of past internships include:

  • Frost Bank
  • Central Texas Veterans Health Care System
  • City of San Antonio
  • Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  • Federal Reserve of Dallas
  • Federal Reserve Board of Governors
  • Homeland Security Summer Internships
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Trinity uses the Handshake system to share all job and internship opportunities with students.

Office of Experiential Learning

Student Organizations

The Economics Society
The Economics Society is an organization for all Trinity students interested in economics, even if they are not an economics major or minor. 

Activities include:

  • Lectures by Trinity professors and guest speakers.
  • Frequent “tamaladas” where students and faculty can mingle in an informal environment, while enjoying the Mexican tradition of making tamales together.
  • Tutoring help for students taking microeconomics or macroeconomics.
  • Strategic help with graduate school applications or job hunting.
  • Social events with visiting Nobel laureates.

Omicron Delta Epsilon Honor Society
Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) is the international honor society in economics. It is one of the world's largest academic honor societies, having been created through the merger of Omicron Delta Gamma and Omicron Chi Epsilon. ODE has over 560 chapters in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Egypt, and France.

  • Recognizes scholastic achievement.
  • Honors outstanding achievements in economics.
  • Promotes closer ties between students and faculty.
  • Publishes The American Economist.
  • Sponsors panels at professional meetings.
  • Sponsors The Irving Fisher and The Frank W. Taussig competitions.
  • Holds a banquet each spring to honor its new members.
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Student Involvement Office

Lecture Series and Events

Nobel Economists Lecture Series
Trinity's Nobel Economists Lecture Series, begun in 1984 by Professor Emeritus and former E.M. Stevens Distinguished Professor of Economics William Breit, brings some of the most brilliant and influential economists of the post-war era to campus.

Based on the general theme “My Evolution as an Economist,” the lectures offer rare autobiographical insights into the Nobel laureates’ contributions, the sources and nature of their discoveries, and their growth and development as economists.

You can find past transcripts of the first 23 lectures in the sixth edition of the MIT Press volume, Lives of the Laureates, edited by professors Roger W. Spencer and ​David A. Macpherson.

Previous Speakers

Alvin Roth
Awarded Nobel Prize: 2012
Presented Lecture: March 2019

Christopher A. Sims
Awarded Nobel Prize: 2011
Presented Lecture: April 2018

A. Michael Spence
Awarded Nobel Prize: 2001
Presented Lecture: April 2017

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Student Awards and Recognition

The Walter Adams Prize for Excellence in Economics
This annual award is presented to the outstanding senior economics major by the economics faculty, friends, and alumni of the department of economics of Trinity University.

Recent recipients include:

  • 2019—Julia H. Shults, Alice E. von Ende-Becker
  • 2018—Kevin P. Moss
  • 2017—Ellen W. Liaw
  • 2016—Emily R. Acker
  • 2015—Benjamin Whitehead

Omicron Delta Epsilon Award
This award is presented annually to outstanding senior economics majors by the economics faculty at Trinity University.

Recent recipients include:

  • 2019—Victoria A. Abad
  • 2018—Felipe M. Jaramillo, Julia M. Kelly, Rui Zhong 
  • 2017—Dylan R. McGee, Julia Y. Kennedy, Joseph A. Reynolds 
  • 2016—Drake M. Dukes, Benjamin J. Sneider, Douglass E. Steinman 
  • 2015—Nicolas Estrada, Tyler Patterson, Simon Uribe

Joe C. Ashby Achievement Award
This award is presented annually to the outstanding junior economics major by the economics alumni and faculty at Trinity University.

Recent recipients include:

  • 2019—Kathryn Y. Langemeier
  • 2018—Julia H. Shults
  • 2017—Felipe M. Jaramillo
  • 2016—Ellen W. Liaw
  • 2015—Emily Acker