Throughout your team’s Healthcare PRISm Pitch Competition journey, we challenge you to explore and embrace the process of creative problem solving.  This page offers a collection of resources to help you navigate your innovation journey and grow in your creative confidence.

As the semester progresses, additional content will be posted to this page for your use


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Introductory Video for Applicants

Healthcare PRISm Pitch Competition: An Introductory Video

As you begin your Healthcare PRISm journey, please watch this introductory video to gain additional details and information about Healthcare PRISm!

Healthcare PRISm Pitch Competition Educational Resources

The following series of video recordings and materials are dedicated to varying elements of the creative problem solving process, including design thinking and its varied elements as well as the Lean Canvas, a business plan template and tool that is specifically designed to validate and develop emerging concepts and ideas.

Video Sessions
Past Competition Finals

Teams can gain a sense of the nature of the competition and innovative solutions from years past by watching recordings of previous Healthcare PRISm Pitch Competition finals events.

Sample Healthcare PRISm Materials

To provide an example of the types of materials teams will be developing for the Healthcare PRISm Pitch Competition, we've created several mock executive summaries as well as a mock Healthcare PRISm application form and guide that teams can access below

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