Faith Formation

Trained in pastoral care, Chaplain Alex Serna-Wallender invites you to come meet with him to contemplate, explore, and discuss the spiritual dimensions of life.

Open to All

Whatever your faith tradition might be (including not having one), the Chaplain welcomes and encourages you to come receive confidential spiritual direction and pastoral counsel.

Finding the Best Help

The Chaplain can also assist you with reflecting on whether or not counseling with a clinically trained therapist might be helpful for you.

Meet with the Chaplain

Seeking Spiritual Direction

It might be a good idea to schedule an appointment with the Chaplain:

  • When you would like a listening ear or sounding board to talk to and pray with you about matters that concern you
  • When you are trying to search out next steps in your sense of career direction or calling
  • When you are experiencing questions about your religious beliefs and convictions
  • When you are caught up with grief at the loss of someone you love
  • When you would like to reflect on important relationships in your life, perhaps with parents, siblings, friends, or romantic partners