Manage Tiger Card

Log on to the Secured Tiger Card Online Management System (called “GET”) to manage your card online.

Once you are logged in, you can use GET to:

  • Add Tiger Bucks to your account
  • Consult your balance and transaction histories
  • View your meal plan
  • Report a lost or found card
  • Place your card on hold
Mascot Leeroy the tiger official trinity ID card



      Add Funds

      Adding funds to your Tiger Card is easy! You can add funds online, in person or over the phone.

      A Note on Balances

      Tiger Bucks balances transfer from one year to another and are not cleared out at the end of any semester.

      Trinity University reserves the right to charge a Tiger Bucks account inactivity fee on funds left on deposit in accounts with no record of activity (for a period of time that exceeds one year from the time of original or last deposit). This charge will continue until account activity resumes or the account balance reaches zero ($0.00). At this point, the account will be closed. Account inactivity fees will cease to be assessed if or when the account activity resumes.


      Report a Lost or Stolen Card

      Lost your ID card? 

      1. Login to GET

        Once logged in, select "I Lost My Card" from the menu and follow the instructions on the page.

      2. Notify the Tiger Card Office immediately

        Call 210-999-7825 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Call TUPD at 210-999-7070 at all other times

      The Tiger Card Office or TUPD will place your card on hold so that no one else can access your room or use your funds. In the event you are reporting a lost or stolen card after regular business hours, you will receive a Temporary Tiger-Prox ID card from the Campus Safety Office, located at 538 Kings Court. This card will grant you access to your residence hall for up to 48 hours.

      You will not be held responsible for any amount charged to your account after you notify the Tiger Card Office or TUPD. If you do not report your lost card, however, you will be held responsible for all charges made from it.

      There is no charge or fee for the replacement of a malfunctioning, extremely worn, or faded card. However, you will have to pay a $25 replacement fee for a deliberately damaged (i.e. hole punched), lost, or stolen ID card.

      If you find a card, please drop it by the Tiger Card Office or Trinity Police Department as soon as possible.

      Manage Cub Card

      The Cub Card allows conference attendees and guests of the University to use what we call “Tiger Bucks” as a cash alternative on campus.

      Example of a Cub Card


      You can obtain a Cub Card and add funds to your Tiger Bucks account at any of the following Card-Value Station locations:

      You’ll need $1 to purchase a card. It will come with a $1 balance.


      Add Funds

      Swipe your card again at the Card-Value Station to add funds to your Cub Card in increments of $1, $5, $10, or $20 with cash.

      Please be sure to have the exact amount of cash you want to put on the card, as the Card-Value Stations do not give change. Keep in mind that there are NO refunds for unused balances, so please only add the funds you plan on using.

      Alternatively, you can add funds online. Locate the 7-digit ID number on the back of your Cub Card above the magnetic stripe. Then, go to the Online Management System to register.