Curious about meal plan options and campus dining locations? Trinity Dining Program offers a wide variety of options for students and employees for dining on-campus that meets nutritional needs and diverse tastes.





You can use your Tiger Card to access all campus laundry rooms. Starting Fall 2023, all washers and dryers will operate free of charge for students.


 Laundry Tips

  1. If you use detergent pods, place them directly into the machine and not the soap dispenser.
  2. If you use liquid detergent, be careful not to add too much. A 1/4 cup per load should suffice. Excessive amounts of soap lead to oversudsing and can cause the machine to suddenly shut down.
  3. Don’t forget to double-check that your pockets are empty.
  4. Be sure not to overload the machine. You should not have to forcefully shove your clothes in to close the door.
  5. Remove your laundry promptly after each wash and dry cycle so that others may use the machines. After you are finished, please keep the washing machine door open. Otherwise, it won’t dry properly and will start to stink.
  6. Be sure to clean the area around you, including used dryer sheets and lint from the dryer. 

Printing Services

Trinity offers two main printing services to its students and guests: Wēpa printing kiosks and the Digital Print Center.


Building Access

A swipe of your Tiger Card will grant you access to residence halls, academic buildings, and electronically controlled classrooms and labs. If you live off-campus or in City Vista, note that you will not be able to use your Tiger Card to enter on-campus residence halls. Not sure when your favorite study spot starts requiring you to scan in? Check out the Building Access Policy and Hours

After-Hours Access

If you need after-hours access to any academic buildings, classrooms, or labs, just ask your professor or department chair to submit an email request to the Tiger Card Office at tigercardoffice@trinity.edu. Be sure to ask them to include your full name, your ID number (found on the front of your card), and your Prox number (found on the back).

Off-Campus Merchant Program

Want to spice things up a bit and get some food off-campus? Check out these restaurants, they accept payment in Tiger Bucks right from your Tiger Card:

Tycoon Flats
2926 N. St. Marys
San Antonio, Texas 78212



Using Your Cub Card

University guests can use the Tiger Bucks on a Cub Card to pay at:

Example of a Cub Card