Take Care of your Card!

Protect your Tiger Card at all times! Don't bend, crack, or punch holes in it. Doing so could damage or disable its functionality. Always carry it with you and keep it safe, since it acts as both your bank card and your room keys.

Use your Tiger Card to access:

   Residence halls

   Laundry Rooms (free starting Fall 2023)

   Academic buildings

   Electronically controlled classrooms and labs

   Other campus locations

With your card, you can pay for:

  Meals and vending machines

  Campus printing services

  Most other expenses on campus

  Off-campus merchants


Paying With Your Tiger Card

Your Tiger Card also works like a campus-specific debit card, and stores three monetary balances:

  • “Swipes” or “Board Points” (1 swipe = 1 Mabee dining hall meal, or $6.50 of a meal elsewhere on campus)
  • “Bonus Bucks” (money for buying food)
  • “Tiger Bucks” (a discretionary tender for buying food and paying for other items or services)

You can use Tiger Bucks for expenses like:

  • Printing
  • Paying for parking permits/fees
  • Health services and vaccinations
  • Chemistry lab and music dept fees
  • Snack and Coke vending
  • And more!

Tiger Bucks stay on your Tiger Card from year to year and do not ever expire. Upon request, once you graduate or are no longer affiliated with Trinity, the remaining Tiger bucks balance is sent to you.