Campus Safety Measures

To help keep the University community safe, Trinity University and TUPD have developed and implemented various programs, including, but not limited to: 

Safety Training Programs

  • Active shooter
  • Personal safety
  • Fire safety
  • First Aid
  • Rape aggression defense programs

TUPD Presence

Campus Maintenance

  • Security card-controlled access to buildings
  • Regular emergency systems testing
  • Light replacements

Student Services

You can learn more about the measures that Trinity University takes to protect the University community by reading its Security Procedures and Policies.



Reporting Suspicious Activity

If you see any suspicious activity, report it immediately to TUPD by calling 210-999-7070. Be prepared to:

  • Describe the activity you witnessed
  • Describe the person(s) or vehicle(s) involved
  • State the time and location the activity took place

You do not have to leave your name or number, but it may be helpful if the information you provide leads to an arrest or if you would like to be contacted. TUPD encourages the University community to take proactive measures and keep an eye out for crime at all times. 


Emergency Preparedness and Procedures

To learn about how TUPD is prepared for and responds to emergency situations, please visit Trinity’s Emergency page


The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act Statement

Sex Offender Registry

In accordance with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000 (which amends the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act), the Jeane Clery Act, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the Trinity University Police Department website is providing a link to the Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry

Legal Requirements

This act requires institutions of higher education to issue a statement informing the campus community as to where its members can obtain state law enforcement information about registered sex offenders. It also requires sex offenders (who are already required to register with their state) to provide notice of each institution of higher education in that state at which they are employed, carry a vocation, or are a student.

In the State of Texas, convicted sex offenders must register with the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Further Information

To learn more, please consult Texas’ Sex Offender Registration Program or Texas’ Constitution and Statutes (specifically, the Code of Criminal Procedure, Sex Offender Registry Program, reference Article 62.153).

Registry Legal Notice

Registry information provided under this section shall be used for the purposes of the administration of criminal justice, screening of current or prospective employees, volunteers or otherwise for the protection of the public in general and children in particular. Unlawful use of the information for purposes of intimidating or harassing another is prohibited. The Texas Department of Public Safety is responsible for maintaining this registry.