• Rosa Aloisi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science where she teaches International Politics, International Law and Human Rights. As a professor, she tries to engage students in the most debatable topics about international relations and challenges them to question conventional ideas and definitions of human rights. Her main goal is to enable students to connect intellectually with the topics and emotionally with the lives and experiences of other human beings. Aloisi’s research focuses on the work of international tribunals, human rights institutions, and the evolution of international criminal law. Her scholarship is published in Judicature, International Criminal Law Review and Journal of Conflict Resolution. Her current research investigates the role that international judges play in the development of international criminal law and the impact that United Nations Special Procedures have on countries human rights ratings.

    • University of North Texas
    • University of Messina  

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    • International Law 
    • International Human Rights
    • International Politics
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