Being Ready

During any campus emergency, university community members and parents are asked to allow the Trinity University Crisis Management Team and University staff to focus on the situation. Please refrain from delaying the process of the quality and timeliness of the University's response. We will make every effort to ensure timely notification of the most current information is available.


24 hour Emergency
or 9-1-1

Emergency Hotline

Crime Prevention Tip Line

For All Contacts


The TrinALERT emergency text messaging service is one of the methods the University will use to communicate emergency information in a timely manner with students, faculty, and staff. If appropriate, global emails, campus telephone speakers, local media, and other communication tools will also be used. All cell phone numbers provided for the TrinALERT system will be strictly confidential and you may opt out of this service using TigerPAWS. Text messages will only be sent in the event of a campus emergency or for the occasional planned system test.

Step 1: Log into TigerPAWS

Step 2: Find the TrinALERT Emergency System link under the Registration menu - Employee Profile menu, or Faculty/Personal  Profile tab.

  • Employee:


  • Faculty/Personal: 


Step 3: 

  • Provide a cell phone number for TrinALERT and verify the number is correct and valid, and then select "Check here to confirm you are opting in"  
screenshot of TrinALERT Emergency System dialog box



  • If you want to Opt-Out of the service, select "Check here to confirm you are opting out"  
    image of TrinALERT Opt Out dialog box


Step 4: Click the Submit button to finish.  

image of TrinALERT Submit button dialog box



See Say Mobile App

See Say mobile app is a powerful tool that allows users to call the police department or report a crime around campus. 

Highlighted benefits to the See Say system:

  • Incident reports can be made discreetly using the See Say mobile app.
  • Reports can include photos, incident descriptions and location maps.
  • Real-time, two-way chat allows security personnel to interact with staff, for additional information.
  • The Check-in feature™ broadcasts the location and status ("I'm OK" or "I need help") via email to anyone of your contacts.

Download See Say here:

Apple App Store

Google Play


Once downloaded simply enter your name and contact information then select Trinity University from the list of organizations.

24-Hour Police Protection

Trinity University Police Department (TUPD) provides 24-hour police and security coverage for the University community 365 days a year.

Emergency Preparedness

The Crisis Management Team (CMT) is built using a foundation outlined in the National Incident Management System to ensure emergency preparedness. 

Emergency Procedures

Trinity University believes strongly in protecting the health, safety and welfare of its students, faculty and staff. To do so in emergencies requires quality procedures.